Create an awesome mecha version of your favorite Pokémon

A few days ago we started a discussion about how ethical it is to capture Legendary Pokémon. These fascinating, and unique, species have a fundamental role in the Pokémon universe, without their existence there would be an imbalance.

However, although it seems contradictory, hundreds of thousands of players go out to capture them in each new installment, since their presence in pvp is high due to their great level of power. Another factor that makes them palatable for adventurers in the saga is their exclusivity, These beings are unique, and sometimes they can only be achieved through special events. Therefore, it is normal to see daily tributes, in the form of illustrations on forums such as Reddit, such as the following:

Mecha Regigigas by @chris_jono_ on Instagram from r/pokemon

@Chris_jono_, has surprised his followers with a Mecha Regigigas. The father and king of the Regis now has a mecha version.

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