Creation, objectives and commercialization, this is the Spanish covid-19 vaccine

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), dependent on the Ministry of Health, authorized the first clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine, developed in Spain by the Hipra company.

To launch the study, volunteers will be needed to test the vaccine, which is based on two proteins one corresponding to the alpha variant and one to beta variant and that generate a immune response against one of the proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, known as protein S.

Trial objectives

Among the objectives of the phase I / IIa trial, the Hipra vaccine will study the safety and tolerability of this vaccine among volunteers. It will also analyze its immunogenicity and efficacy, but as secondary objectives.

The vaccine will begin to be tested next week with 30 young volunteers who are not immunized or have passed the coronavirus. It will be in October when full-scale rehearsals begin.

Commercialize in early 2022

The Ministry of Science directed by Diana Morant believes that this Spanish vaccine against the coronavirus could start commercialization “early 2022”.

The company is working at full speed to meet the requirements that we will need to have the vaccine available in a timely manner during the first part of 2022, “explained the director of the Human Division of Hibra, Toni Maneu.

It is not necessary to freeze it for transport

Minister Morant has assured that this vaccine presents “improvements” with respect to the other vaccines already approved. “It has been designed taking into account different variants of the coronavirus, it has a very good immune response so far in the preclinical trial and a third quite remarkable characteristic is that it does not need to be frozen for distribution. All this makes it a different and improved vaccine in some respects than those that already exist. “

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