Crédit Agricole in a campaign to raise awareness among young drivers – Image

January 20, 2021 at 9:26 PM

Havas Sports & Entertainment, Havas Media and Socialyse Paris are supporting Crédit Agricole in a road safety awareness campaign aimed at young drivers. The advertiser calls on these three entities to launch the “Security Trophy”, a first amateur e-sport tournament, where caution is required on the road, inspired by the preventive driving course of Crédit Agricole: driving on ground slippery, emergency braking, obstacle avoidance, drunk driving simulation, etc. Four qualifying sessions are scheduled until the final on January 23. As a result, numerous prizes, including an invitation for 4 winners to a defensive driving course. The device also benefits from visibility on a dedicated site, as well as on ZeratoR’s social networks, but also Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And is supported around a media partnership with Konbini.

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