credit card for iPhone users presented


During a press conference held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, Apple announced several services simultaneously. One of the products presented was the Apple Card, a virtual bank card developed in collaboration with the Mastercard payment system and Goldman Sachs Bank. For its execution, it is necessary to send an application in the Wallet application on the iPhone, after which it will be available for connection to the Apple Pay contactless payment service and, consequently, for payment at the physical stores of shops , online stores and applications. As stated during the presentation, the head of the "apple giant" Tim Cook (Tim Cook), in the last year, Apple Pay users have completed 10 billion transactions. Apple Card will work in the US this summer.

In addition to 24-hour support via text messages in the Messages application, the Apple Card service includes detailed cost statistics. It is presented in a visual form with automatic categorization – food and drink, shopping, entertainment, etc. For the systematization of transactions, artificial intelligence and geolocation data are used by Apple Maps.

Another pleasant moment for Apple Card users is the lack of annual payments, late fees and fees for exceeding the limit, as well as the possibility of minimizing or even canceling the interest rate by replenishing the balance by more than l & # 39; minimum amount. Furthermore, the Apple credit card implies the accumulation of reimbursements – 2% of purchases and 3% of purchases in Apple services.

Regarding security, working with an Apple Card through Apple Pay is no different from the interaction of this payment service with other bank cards. All confidential data in encrypted form is stored in the Secure Element chip embedded in the iPhone, for authorization you can use the Touch ID touch scanner or the 3D Face ID face scanner. In addition to the virtual, Apple will offer customers a physical map in titanium (in the image above). It is claimed that it is safer than other physical credit cards, since it does not have a number, CVV code, expiration date and owner's signature.

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