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Credits to Vicentin: the national Bank gave license to managers | Chronic

Three managers of the Bank of the Nation, which played a key role in the granting of loans to the region’s cereal Vicentin were discharged yesterday and should deal with complaints of judicial communication, according to official sources. In the meantime, continue the ideas and goings on the future of the company agro-export.

The three managers that since yesterday they are separated from their charges and that will be investigated by means of a summary internal are Juan José Fragatti, Martín González and Susana Ojeda. The first served as general manager of the company until this Monday, Gonzalez was responsible for Corporate Banking, a position from which it was separated some time ago; in so much that Ojeda was leading the area of Risk.

“The license is until the completion of the summary and the internal investigation, which will take about a month“, confided a source. On the other hand, the national Bank’> Bank Nation, will be presented this Monday as a prosecutor in the criminal case to carry out the judge Julián Ercolini and the prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita.

A decision that was approved this Monday in the board of the entity. The order of the Bank Nation will be added to the already done by the Financial Information Unit (UIF), which is still waiting for the response to know whether it is accepted or not as the plaintiff. The situation of Fragatti, Gonzalez and Ojeda seems to be difficult to resolve.

Although from the guild “The Bank” noted that on the 5 of December of last year, shortly before leaving, the directory of the national Bank’> Bank Nation -led by Javier González Fraga and Lucas Llach– signed a resolution -the 15.266 – by which he is made responsible of all loans granted.

UCR Cordoba

The president of the Sociedad Rural de Córdoba, Pedro Salas, said Monday that support Vicentin “is to go to applaud that defrauded the producers,” and said that it is “totally disproportionate“to think that behind the decision of the government there is another intentionality.

“There are thousands of producers affected, and therefore vote in favour of the company at this time does not seem to me wise for nothing. The company, despite having all the financial resources, the escaped”said Chambers in a statement to radio With You.

Mixed company

Hector Vicentin, shareholder and great-nephew of the founder of the cereal santa fe in contest of creditors, it said yesterday in disagreement with the proposal of rescue presented by the governor Omar Perotti, which, in its opinion, “it could be something more of the same” the plan of expropriation by the national government.

We wonder how could you get to work a administration mixed”noted Vicentin in statements to radio La Red.



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