Creepy! Archaeologists have unearthed a tomb in Egypt and froze VIDEO

Archaeologists have discovered 30 mummies in Egypt. They were of different ages, including several elderly people with arthritis, children and a newborn baby. Although researchers have not yet dated the tomb, they suspect that a family has buried their dead in it for centuries, BTA reports.

According to Patricia Piacentini, a professor at the University of Milan, an Egyptologist and head of excavations, the burials were most likely performed during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods, from the first century BC to the second or third century AD.

The open necropolis is one of the 300 burial sites discovered by archaeologists around the mausoleum of Aga Khan, which is located on top of a small hill near the Nile.

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But while most other tombs are underground or dug into rocky hills, this one is unique in that it is located in a larger above-ground structure. Therefore, this necropolis was probably used for sacrifices.

“Due to its location in the valley, this building appears to have been used as a sacred site where sacrifices were made to the fertility god Khnum, who was especially revered in Aswan,” Piacentini said. “Who better than him to provide eternal life to those who rest in this necropolis?”

The head of the excavations noted that they still have to analyze the finds to determine their age and find other details.

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