Creepy! This is the US-UK-Ukraine vs Russia Military Strength

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The situation in Ukraine is heating up. This tension has also dragged major world powers such as the United States and its military coalition, NATO, and also Russia.

Most recently, in helping Ukraine, which feels threatened by Moscow, Washington is planning to send more troops to the region. The US alone already has tens of thousands of troops stationed across much of Western Europe.

Not only the US, previously warships and fighter jets from other NATO member countries such as Britain and the Netherlands have sailed to hold military exercises near Ukraine.

Russia responded to this. The country led by President Vladimir Putin continues to sharpen its military strength. After deploying as many as 120,000 troops into nearby Eastern Ukraine, Moscow is holding land war games as well as large-scale naval warfare.

The sharpening of relations between Russia, Ukraine and NATO began with the large-scale deployment of Kremlin troops near the country. This repeats Ukraine’s trauma of the emergence of pro-Russian separatism groups such as the Crimea and Donestk incidents in 2014-2015. Both areas are currently under Moscow’s control.

Russia said this troop decline was a precaution, considering that Kiev had begun to be close to NATO, which incidentally is a rival to the White Bear Country. Ukraine itself has asked for help from the US-led defense pact because its escalation with Russia has not subsided since 2014.

Then, if NATO members such as the US and Britain go to war with Russia, what is the map of their strength?

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