Creepy, Three Russian Soldiers Killed and 25 Injured by Bee Attacks in Ukraine

Illustration: big Asian wasp or hornet. (Source: Shutterstock)

KIEV, KOMPAS.TV – A gruesome bee attack has reportedly left three Russian soldiers dead and 25 injured in a village in Ukraine.

A large swarm of bees leaving their hive in Chelburda Village, Oleshkovsky District attacked a Russian army camp.

The injured Russian soldier was rushed to the hospital requiring treatment.

There is currently no statement from the Russian side regarding the bee attack.

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As reported by the Ukrainian news agency, Kherson News quoted from Daily Starthe bee reportedly attacked the Russian army camp due to lack of food.

This bee attack is said to be the second time it has troubled Russian troops during an attack on Ukraine.

Previously a pair of wild geese were blamed for sending a military plane down from the sky and crashing into a swamp.

It is not clear what species of bee carried out the attack.

But a very dangerous type of bee is usually not found in Europe.

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