Créteil: six months of suspended sentence against Ibrahim Maalouf, for sexual violence


Franco-Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, who had kissed a Montpellier schoolboy on probation in his recording studio in 2013, was tried on Friday for sexual assault at Créteil Criminal Court. Six months of conditional suspension were requested.

The musician Ibrahim Maalouf has been tried since this morning by Créteil Criminal Court, accused of kissing a student during a week-long internship in his studio in Ivry-sur-Seine.
Ibrahim Maalouf, then 33, who has always recognized a "single act" that "immediately regretted" according to the plan, kissed the girl, at the age of 14 and educated third, a result of this week of stage But his parents did a report a year after the facts to the procurator of Montpellier), where they resided with their daughter, and was opened an investigation. He led to the detention in January 2017 of 37-year-old Ibrahim Maalouf.

In love with the musician

The girl "had started to scarify herself, doing bulimia attacks, saw a doctor and revealed that there were sexual caresses," says family lawyer Jean-Baptiste Moquet. For auxiliary justice, the girl, "in love" with the musician and "fascinated" by him, had wanted to protect him.

The preliminary investigation was opened for "sexual abuse", which involves the consent of the minor. "At the end of the investigation", however, the accusation found "that there was no consensus of the victim and decided to dismiss" Ibrahim Maalouf in court for "sexual violence".

A kiss according to Ibrahim Maalouf

According to the version of the young woman, who is now 18, the musician would have kissed her for the first time one evening at the exit of a cinema. A "kiss with the tongue" according to her, a "kiss", according to Ibrahim Maalouf. For him, it was the girl at the origin: "I took my wrists, I moved away from her, without hurrying her."

Two days later, according to the girl's version, the musician would have kissed her again, this time in her recording studio, where she was doing an internship. He would "capture from the pelvis", mimicking a sexual act. "I felt his cock behind me on my buttocks," he told investigators. "In any case I did not have any physical or sexual attraction" for this "teenager", the musician defended himself on Friday, feeling "guilty" of "not being able to put limits".

The version required by the defense

For the public prosecutor, however, without a doubt. There was "surprise" and "compulsion". In his requisitions, the magistrate emphasized the "non-danger" of Ibrahim Maalouf and noted that he did not want to demand that the latter, who teaches music to young people, can no longer work with minors. "There are times when it can happen to each of us to commit crimes," he said.

In his speech, the lawyer of Ibrahim Maalouf, Maud Sobel, spoke of the "spiteful" love of a girl who "wanted this transgression to continue". He pleaded for absolution, finding that there was no evidence to support his guilt.


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