Crime TV tips: Crime tips on New Year’s Eve


8:15 p.m., all criminals – ice cold love

You: an experienced vixen with the fashionable flair of a random generator. He: an Italian handsome boy who has absorbed all American action films with breast milk. Together Herta Frohwitter (Ulrike Krumbiegel) and her assistant Marco Petrassi (Daniel Rodic) investigate in Frankfurt. They successfully fight “consumption” and also the quirks of each other. The first common case leads them to a wedding fair. Rosi Döpfner (Petra Kleinert), a hotel manager who is no longer dewy, reports her fiance Rüdiger Vogelsang as missing.

9:45 p.m., All criminals – corpse in the basement

Shock on love night: Instead of the tender hand of his neighbor Maren Wenning, the married suburban Casanova Rudi Sterzenbach (Rainer Ewerrien) suddenly feels the bloody hand of a murder victim in his face in the dark basement. The man lying there with his skull broken is the speculative shark Armin Teller. Interestingly, it was also wrapped in the banner of a citizens’ initiative against the gentrification of the district. An initiative in which they are both active. Determine Herta Frohwitter (Ulrike Krumbiegel) and Marco Petrassi (Daniel Rodic).


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