Cristiano Ronaldo had a rapprochement with Real Madrid

Two years ago, the ‘meringues’ fans experienced one of the worst moments in their history, the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo on the way to Juventus, but the good news is that now they could live the opposite, as there is a small chance that the jPortuguese player would return to Real Madrid.

He is the star of the Italian team.

His time at the ‘Vecchia Signora’ has been legendary, but it may not last much longer. Cristiano’s contract ends in 2022, but the Turin team has an interest in selling the player before then in order to recover some of what you spent in 2018 (100 million euros).

Juventus is one of the many teams that have suffered financially from the pandemic, so right now they need to find a way to start generating income, even if that means letting go of one of the best players in history.

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For Cristiano it is not a problem, since there are plenty of possible destinations.

There has been talk of a possible return to Manchester United, the team where he began his glorious career, PSG has also sounded where they could reunite him with Neymar and even MLS has emerged as a topic of conversation. But without a doubt, a return to Real Madrid is the most interesting.

He has had a lot of contact on social networks with Real Madrid players. In social networks he showed his joy for the victory of the ‘meringues’ at the Camp Nou during the ‘Spanish Classic’ and also photos have been taken with Sergio Ramos and Pepe and this week with Modric and Kovacic.

His high salary would be the only problem.

Real Madrid also suffered on the economic issue, so pay for Cristiano Ronaldo it would be a great effort, that although it seems impossible, there is nothing certain about if he would return to the team where he tasted glory.

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