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Cristiano Ronaldo. The particular relationship with his mother that adds followers on Instagram

His mother was unconditional, inseparable and complicit from the first days of life.

In each of the important sporting moments in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life, his mother almost always appears. In the photos with each of the five Ballon d’Or, in the four Champions League that she obtained with Real Madrid and even in the recent Italian league that she conquered with Juventus, she appears next to him in the photos.

Unconditional, inseparable and an accomplice from the first days of life Dolores Aveiro accompanied him at all times, encouraging and supporting him, even when it came to fulfilling his dream of being a soccer player in times when the family lived in a very small house in San Antonio , a parish in the hills near Funchal, the capital of Madeira (Portugal). At the age of five, Cristiano lived there with his mother, father and three brothers with whom he shared a room.

A childhood in the midst of poverty

“The window in the third room was practically the only source of illumination in that small three-room house, apart from the light that penetrated through the 10 or 12 holes in the ceiling. They had no money to repair the roof. That third room was where the family gathered. They also had a bathroom, no bigger than a closet “, relates Michael Part in the book Ronaldo, his amazing story.

Family, Cristiano wrote on his Instagram Credit: Instagram

The soccer player’s relationship with his mother was always very close and even more so in the moments when Dolores had to face various adversities in her life, such as when she was operated 11 years ago as a result of a breast cancer and when in March of this year she was admitted for a stroke.

Some time ago a journalist asked the star of the Portugal national team the reason why his mother lives at home. And Cristiano surprised and moved with his response as he has been doing for so many years with his speed, his dribbling and his goals.

“My mother raised me sacrificing her life for me. She slept hungry, so that at night I could eat. We had no money for anything. She worked 7 days a week and at night as a cleaner to buy my first loot for That I could be a player, all my success is dedicated to her. And as long as she has life she will always be by my side, having everything I can give her. She is my refuge and my greatest gift. “

A new love and move

José Dinis Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s father, died in 2005 at age 51 of liver failure after many years of alcohol addiction. His premature death did not allow him to enjoy the 450 goals that his son conquered in Madrid or the five balls he collected.

After a time of being alone, Dolores began to go out (secretly) with José Andrade, who in his youth made a living as a gardener, a job that allowed her to meet the family of the Portuguese star. Since she formalized that romance, she no longer lives with CR7. Currently, she does it with her boyfriend in Funchal (Portugal).

Cristiano's mother with his partner, José Andrade
Cristiano’s mother with his partner, José Andrade

“The environment of the Portuguese player ensures that Andrade is still the same humble person that he was before belonging to the closed circle of the footballer. Of course, his economic and social status has nothing to do with when he did housework. Now it is even possible to see him drive a Porsche Cayman S, a gift that Cristiano gave him in 2015 “, published in 2017 the newspaper El Mundo in Spain.

“Strained relationship”

The relationship between the Portuguese national team player and his mother was very good. However, since Cristiano began his relationship with Georgina Rodríguez is rumored that she and her mother have a strained relationship. The truth is that Dolores travels less and less to Turin (Italy) to see her son when Juventus plays home. Inevitably, this means that the relationship between mother and child does not go through its best stage.

In fact, this is not the first time that the link between the two is not rosy. The previous family crisis was when the former Manchester United player was dating Irina Shayk. They say that Dolores reproached her son for the cold attitude of the Russian with the family. It seems that Irina could not get along with Dolores and family encounters began to gradually diminish, to the point of not seeing each other for a while.

Cristiano with his girlfriend Georgina Rodríguez
Cristiano with his girlfriend Georgina Rodríguez

Meanwhile, Dolores seems to be following the paths of her son due to the popularity that he has been reaping in recent times. While the Juventus star has more than 237 million followers on Instagram, her mother has 2,200,000 fans, surely an enviable sum for many international stars. In her account, @doloresaveiroofficial, in which she barely follows 378 people, Cristiano’s mother is increasingly seen as enthusiastic uploading photos with her children, grandchildren, partner and friends, making public many moments of your privacy.




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