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The 2020 European Cup is in full swing. As the top man of the defending champion, Portuguese star Ronaldo’s every move is naturally the focus of attention from the outside world and can even affect the stock market. On the 15th Beijing time, Cristiano Ronaldo removed the Coke in front of him at the pre-match press conference against Hungary, in order to show his self-discipline as a professional athlete.He then shook the mineral water in his hand and motioned to drink water. This move, in addition to sparking heated discussions on the Internet, also caused Coca-Cola’s stock price to fall.

According to a foreign sports media “Athletic” report, Ronaldo’s operation caused Coca-Cola’s share price to fall by 01.6% that day, from US$56.1 to US$55.22 per share, and its market value evaporated by nearly US$4 billion.

In this regard, the Coca-Cola Company, as the official partner of the European Cup, has not “strike back” so far, but issued a statement saying, “Everyone has the right to choose their favorite beverage, and everyone’s tastes and needs are different. the same”.

For Coca-Cola, the biggest problem at the moment is that the number of sugary cola users around the world is declining, and everyone is becoming more healthy.

It is worth noting that, compared with the decline in global performance, Coca-Cola’s performance in the Chinese market is outstanding. The financial report pointed out that the soda category grew by 14% in the Chinese market in the second quarter, which partially offset the decline in the overall business in Asia. In the beverage business, the Coca-Cola brand performed the strongest in the Chinese market, and the sales of zero-sugar Coke increased significantly.

According to previous financial reports, Coca-Cola plans to lay off approximately 2,200 employees worldwide, including 1,200 reductions in the United States through layoffs and buyouts, accounting for approximately 12% of its US market employees.

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The layoffs have been expected by analysts and are in line with the company’s requirements for cost-cutting measures during the new crown epidemic. The new crown epidemic has accelerated Coca-Cola’s restructuring plan.

In the beverage business, Coca-Cola also plans to reduce the number of relevant operating departments from 17 to 9, in addition to focusing on the more popular Coca-Cola series of beverages, sports drinks,coffeeIn addition to tea, we also hope to expand in other categories, such as soda and plant-based beverages. ”


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