Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend INCENDIA Instagram; appears in “cloths in the air”

This Friday the Portuguese soccer star, Christian Ronaldo, he automatically became the most envied man in the world. Not for his game, not for fame and less for money, but for his partner: Georgina Rodríguez.

Yes, this is not new, since the 26-year-old Argentina has great beauty. However, there are crazy social networks after their last publication.

Rodríguez appears in the patio of the house where he is quarantined with CR7 and his family, folding clothes, but underwear.

Cloths in the airwas the only sentence he wrote Georgina, who left nothing to the imagination and practically all his followers thanked him.

A few hours were enough for photography to break the networks: more than 2.5 million likesas well as hundreds of comments.

It should be noted that some of them launched criticism; They questioned his happiness and the need to go exhibiting in this way.

By Digital Writing El Heraldo de México


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