Cristina de Borbón von Hardenberg († 44): Relatives of King Felipe dies after an accident


Spanish nobility mourns: Cristina de Borbón von Hardenberg died in an accident at the age of only 44 years. Her family belongs to the royal family.

The Duke of Seville, Francisco de Paula de Borbón and Escasany (76), is saddened by the death of his eldest daughter. Cristina died last Thursday (February 13) in the afternoon, as reported by “”. She was only 44 years old and died of an accident. Her family was in the hospital with her. The family did not want to give further details about the cause of death.

The following Friday everyone could say goodbye to Cristina in the morgue. She would be buried in the presence of her family within a month. She leaves behind her parents, a sister and a brother.

As Spanish media reports, Cristina lived in seclusion and, unlike her sister Olivia (45), shied the spotlight. The family is related to the royal family through her father, a cousin of ex-King Juan Carlos (82). On the maternal side they have ties to the German nobility. Mother Beatrice (72) is a daughter of Count Günther von Hardenberg. She married the Duke of Seville in 1973 and divorced him in 1989. Now they are reunited in grief.


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