Criticism instead of cuddling: New round: “Voice of Germany” with a strict Sido


The commercial break is on, Mark Forster and colleagues are served small appetizers. But rapper Sido hardly touches his fruit plate but hands it on to the audience.

The new addition to the ninth “The Voice of Germany” relay, which launches this Thursday (20.15 clock), is a man of the people. In contrast to the candidates of the music show he is also sometimes charmless.

“I always do that. I think people know who they've come for and maybe they're expecting it too, “the Berliner told the German Press Agency. If the 38-year-old does not like an appearance, then he says so too – like sometimes clearly.

The viewers of the ProSieben / Sat.1 show are not really used to that. After all, it is more of a cuddly casting, in contrast to the often more contagious RTL counterpart «Deutschland sucht den Superstar». In the eight seasons before the famous coaches practiced rather reserved criticism. The disarmingly honest, partly listless Sido brings a new touch to the show.

Just like Alice Merton, who landed a hit with “No Roots” in several countries in 2017. The 25-year-old reminds on her red coaching chair from time to time to a music professor who pays attention to the smallest details. No wonder, since 2013 she studied at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg.

In addition to the new and the evergreen Mark Forster is in the ninth season also the rock singer Rea Garvey in the process – and celebrates his second comeback. “The world keeps turning. You get off at “The Voice”, but always happy about an invitation, “says the Irishman about his return.

In the 2011 premiere relay, the 46-year-old coached Michael Schulte in the finale, who provided the best German performance in the Eurovision Song Contest seven years later with “You Let Me Walk Alone”. Critics complain that except Schulte or Max Giesinger hardly a “voice” candidate has made the breakthrough.

“One must not forget that only less than one percent of all musicians are successful. And expecting a candidate from “The Voice” or another show every year is a bit unfair, “explains Garvey.

Many of the previous candidates have built their fan base through social media and are now appearing to a larger audience, such as the duo Jonny & Jakob, Linus Bruhn or Natia Todua. Also the winner of the last season, Samuel Rösch from the Erzgebirge, gives regular concerts with his band. In October he reports in a book (“I believe in you”) about his time as a TV candidate.

This could also be a door opener for the coming talents, but no guarantee for a long career. The strict coach Sido also sees that – who reveals what does not matter to him: “I do not like it, for example, when singers look at the ground. Because that always looks like reflection. And many unfortunately do. »


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