Criticism of Macron at National Assembly


Dhe “Prophetess in shorts,” as she was called by Julien Aubert, a candidate for the Republican Party presidency (LR), appeared in the National Assembly in an elegant black summer dress with a back neckline. Even otherwise, Greta Thunberg did not do anything that her critics from the right-wing party spectrum expected her to do. Representatives of the Republicans held before her appearance, as a preacher to convert the parliamentarians. “She has not read the Mass,” LR MP Fabrice Brun said after her speech.

Michaela Wiegel

The politician was one of the few Republicans who ignored the party's internal boycott call. “She did not sound like the Nobel Peace Prize winner,” said Brun. He had heard a young woman who believed in science and wanted politics to take into account the findings of the climate researchers. “Thank you for that,” he said to the Swede.

The 16-year-old climate activist in her address at the National Assembly's large committee room appealed to parliamentarians to adhere to the goals of the Paris climate agreement. “It is said that we exaggerate, we children. Lies are spread about us, “she said. “Some even decided to boycott us. But that's not bad, “she said. “After all, we are still children after all. But you should listen to the scientists. That's all we ask for. “

“Act better”

She received a lot of applause for her short English speech, especially from Emmanuel Macron's La République en marche party. Thunberg had politely but certainly criticized the “make our planet great again” rhetoric of the French president. “Politicians pretend to act, but nothing is done except nice press and communication campaigns,” she said.

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