Criticism of Paz Vega for supporting a controversial publication by Lucía Etxebarria on trans women

A comment with a heart has been enough for Paz Vega to become trending topic On twitter. The actress has supported a reflection by the writer Lucía Etxebarria on the trans women, What has awakened this Tuesday a wave of opinions that has even been added by the president of Vox in the Community of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio.

The controversy dates back to Isabel Gemio’s interview with Rosa María García, trans author. “They tell me that if you have a penis and testicles, your bathroom is men’s,” explained the interviewee, a few words that Etxebarría reflected on, later, on her Instagram profile: “I don’t want to share a bathroom or a closed space with a person who understands a baseball bat by dialogue or who has a functional penis, simply as a matter of precautions. “

After reading the publication, Vega has responded with a violet heart (a color associated with the feminist struggle), which Etxebarria herself has publicly thanked: “Thank you. You don’t know how hugely important this is to me.” This gesture has saddened García, who has expressed his indignation.

“After a process of years, there comes a time when you have to assume that you are trans. And a good handful of mobsters want to eliminate you, of course. And one day you find that a well-known writer harasses you, and an actress that you grew up watching helps and congratulates. Good”, the activist wrote in a tweet.

In this way, the comments on the position of the actress of Seven lifes they have not been made wait. On the one hand, there are those who support it with the ‘tag’ “#YoApoyoaPazVega” and, on the other, there are the people who call it “transphobic”. It should be said that Etxebarria accumulates other controversies on social networks behind her back as part of the LGTBI + community has accused her on several occasions of promoting transphobia.

“All Paz Vega did was give her like to a publication whose text many of you have preserved. A publication that did not harass or insult anyone and that it did not even refer to a certain person in masculine. #YoApoyoaPazVega “, Etxebarria added before the scramble.

Among the reactions are opinions such as that of Rocío Monasterio. “Now some will understand the harassment that those of us who denounced the Trans Law approved by the Popular Party in Madrid in 2016. Lack of #libertad, over the dictatorship of #gender ideology. #YoApoyoaPazVega,” he said.


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