Criticism to be careful when speaking; Ilayaraja holding a tiger’s tail in tribute to Manobala

“Manobala is one of the directors who waited on the Kodambakkam bridge to see his car pass by,” which angered social media users.

Ilayaraja | Photo: B. Muralikrishnan | Matrubhumi

Two days ago, actor and director Manobala passed away leaving the entire Tamil film industry in mourning. Many people from inside and outside the film industry paid tribute to him. Music director Ilayaraja is facing severe criticism on social media for a tribute message.

The basis for the criticism is the video posted by Ilayaraja on social media after the death of Manobala. Deeply saddened by the demise of Manobala. Before becoming Bharathiraja’s co-director in the film industry, he started his career as a media worker. Ilayaraja said in the video that Manobala was one of the directors who waited at the Kodambakkam bridge to watch his car pass.

In this statement, “Manobala is one of the directors who waited on the Kodambakkam bridge to see my car pass by” which angered the social media users. The main criticism is that Ilayaraja is a person who lacks basic manners. Another comment is that you should not speak carefully. Many respondents said that they should not have said such things on this occasion.

Ilayaraja composed the music for Manobala’s N Purush Than Enak Mattum Than and Agaya Gangai. This is not the first time that Ilayaraja has faced criticism for some of his statements on social media. Recently, music director James Vasanthan came to the scene with a strong criticism against Ilayaraja. His criticism was that Ilayaraja was an immature person.

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