Criticize “Stronger Than Destiny” (Stronger) with Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany

Strongero Stronger than fate is an inspirational film based on true events that tells the story of Jeff Bauman a survivor who loses his legs in del bombing at the Boston Marathon In 2013, the story is about how he faces his healing process not only physically but also emotionally while dealing with his personal relationships and becoming a symbol that “Boston is strong”, the film mainly adapts the events narrated in the homonymous book written by Bauman himself.

Generally speaking it is a complete film, trying to mix drama, romance and comedy without feeling forced, or affecting the message it is intended to give.

The film is interesting in various aspects since it generally encompasses that despite how bad the circumstances or fate may be, the willpower and the support of loved ones will be able to move forward, the great strength of the film lies in the work of its main actors who perfectly embody the emotions of their characters on the one hand we have Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Jeff Bauman who delivers a realistic interpretation as a man tormented by his personal demons, despite having a good sense of humor to try to face his own tragedy and get ahead has to face the media pressure of being taken as a symbol and a kind of hero in addition of dealing with your relationship with your exotic family and your partner Erin Hurley who is interpreted in a great way by the always extraordinary Tatiana Maslany whose character is a key piece in Bauman’s recovery being his main support.

It is a film that is worth watching, especially for the encouraging and motivational message that this kind of story lets see, it is currently available at Amazon Prime Video With All the Money in the World, It and Countdown and soon the Lord of the Rings series and the films My Spy, Nocturne, Map of Tiny Perfect Things and Run Sweetheart Run.

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