Crochet micro penises for trans babies: the latest Lgbt madness

In the fair of the absurd, anything is possible. Even for a parent to take the trouble to buy one fake micro-penis for his own little daughter to make her “live” in the body of a boy. To denounce what has been happening for months now is Debbie Hayton, a British teacher transgender. Hayton teaches science to 11-18 year olds at a school in Central England. And as a person who hangs out in this world – on more than one occasion – she found herself in disagreement on the ways and methods of “imposition” of gender culture. The professor, in fact, believes that trans people can be included in society without compromising (and trampling on) the rights of others. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like her. So much so that someone has even come to design and market crochet penises for girls, containment panties for children and very tight t-shirts to flatten the chest.

With his complaint, the teacher made us discover that the Transkids site, for example, it is a virtual space where you can find both “didactic” books for kids who want to know more about the trans universe, as well as underpants and t-shirts. So, we will find ourselves in front of the underwear Tuck Buddies, modeled on a young man who wants to be a girl. Or to a “white cotton tri-top binder” to flatten the chest. Over here? Not at all. The madness of those who pretend to be interested in the good of children has gone further, up to the production of penises for girls. And here the age of the reference “audience” is lowered further up to the pre-school age.

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The Stitchbug Studio site, in fact, it offers colorful families and small children crochet penises. These horrors “are individually handcrafted for each order with soft, durable high quality yarn. Our packers are lightweight, comfortable to wear all day and last long with minimal care.” They can be found in different colors and sizes to make them even more “palatable”. On the site it reads: “Jr. Bug® soft packer is a custom prosthetic packer for teenagers and small adults, made with soft and durable yarn and polyester filling. The light version is not weighed down and is easy to wear pinned to underpants or tucked into a bag. packaging or in a shoulder strap. It is soft and easy to place naturally, stays firm and is comfortable to wear all day. If desired, the cotton tag can be used to secure it. Silicone implants are heavy, uncomfortable, require washing and dusting to avoid becoming sticky and almost always create an excessively noticeable bulge. Sizes are limited and fixed, and there are no fun colors. The Jr. Bug® soft packer is light, customizable, comfortable, low maintenance and can be washed in the washing machine “. Clear, right?

But the models available are many. We also have the weighted Jr. Bug® soft packer “for teens and little adults”, a “weighted version has 1.5 ounces of washable non-toxic beads that give it a delicate weight and is easy to wear pinned to underpants or tucked into a pouch or shoulder strap.” One scheme for making a micro-penis in your own home, un Lil’ Bug® soft packer weighted with heavier beads inside “non-toxic and washable in the balls and glans. Easy to wear pinned to your underwear or slipped into a bag or strap”. And finally there is also one made to measure both for the parents of young trans people and for the children: il Bitty Bug®Soft Packer.

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On this site all the possible and imaginable information is given: details on washing and measurements, sophisticated zooms to see how meticulously these little objects are packaged that will then be put in the underwear and the possibility of not paying in full for the product if you are unable to arrive. the figure. Ah, there is also a little “teaching” that perhaps they would like to inculcate in the heads of the little ones: these micro-penises are “an excellent model for apositive sex education and a demonstration of the habits of men “.

After spending hours on these sites, we are left with a few words. For this, we will use those of the British teacher: “I transsexuals like me, they watch in horror as an entire industry arises to provide paraphernalia for children who ‘identify’ as the opposite sex. In what kind of world does a parent buy a fake penis for their preschool daughter? “. And again:” What it means for a two-year-old to be transsexual is not clear, but an entire industry has opened up to satisfy their needs. Or maybe their parents’ needs? “

Debbie Hayton asks herself questions that are sensible, but which at the moment have only gotten weird and botched answers. It seems inexplicable to us that we have reached this point. It seems inexplicable to us to think of a parent who inserts a colored fake penis into his daughter’s panties to make her understand “men’s habits”.

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