Crossroads and Google join forces to make shopping in the voice

Thanks to a partnership signed with Carrefour in 2018, Google has just launched a new service based on its voice assistant. The firm now offers to do his food shopping from A to Z using voice, smartphone, speaker and screen connected.

With containment, many retailers have improved their services shopping online, as well as the drive and home delivery. In a innovation new only in France, Google and Alphabet
Since August 2015, Google has become the subsidiary of the parent Alphabet. This…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Read more”>Google partnered with Carrefour to integrate their different services. Now, users can use the voice assistant on smartphones
Often depicted in literature and the…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Read more”>voice assistant Google to perform their shopping in the voice.

This new feature combines the shopping list of the Wizard Google with the command line at the Crossroads. The process starts by creating a list with the voice command” OK GoogleI want to do the shopping “. It is then enough to specify products you want to buy, without the need to be specific (milk, eggs, The word cereal comes from Ceres, the roman goddess of…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Read more”>cereals…). It is also possible to share the list with other members of the family. So everyone will be able to add its own products.

An explanation of the new voice service of Google shopping to Carrefour. © Google

The wizard automatically selects your favorite products

The creation of the shopping list with the voice assistant already existed, but the novelty comes next. When all items have been added, it is enough to say” I finished “. The wizard proposes to associate its account Crossroads. Once done, it retrieves the products from the shopping list based on previous purchases and items sold.

The user reviews the order and can remove items or choose among other suggestions. It only remains then to validate the payment and to choose between the drive, the drive a pedestrian or home delivery. The service is available on all devices with the Wizard Google : smartphones, speakers and connected screens. Google will now everything you eat. We can already envision suggestions of plans…

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