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Crowded and without masks, young people in Italy take to the streets and destroy all the rules against the coronavirus

Four days after the opening of Phase 2 started on Monday in Italy to recover the normality lost by the coronavirus pandemic, it has happened, as feared, the overflow that threatens everything.

Thousands of young people in dozens of Italian cities launch at dusk and night into an intense movement destroying all security measures that they promised to respect. The reaction of the regional governors and the national government itself have been immediate.

“We will repress this attitude that represents a serious risk and we will close everything whatever has to be closed even going back to quarantine. ” The president of Veneto, Luca Zaia, the mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando, the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sara, the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi said so.

“If they continue like this, we will go to wait for them at the doors of the hospitals for these irresponsible people, when they arrive infected,” Zaia exploded in anger. “But we will enforce the isolation of human contacts, the use of chinstraps and all precautions, because we do not forget that we have had until now in Veneto 1,820 dead and we will not allow the tragedy to repeat itself. “

“If they continue like this, we will go and wait for them at the doors of the hospitals for these unresponsible, when they arrive infected”

Luca Zaia

President of Veneto,

In the Lombard city of Bergamo, which has suffered an impressive martyrdom of the dead and sick because Lombardy has been the center of the pandemic since February 21, when the coronavirus pestilence began, “Mayor Giorgio Gori protested indignantly at the spectacle of hundreds of people who emerged in these days from the catacombs of the long quarantine and launched themselves through the streets of the Upper City to stroll arm in arm, piled up and without the masks that protect from contagion.

Giorgi gathered the journalists and said: “It seems that they have forgotten the hundreds of deaths that we had in the city and thousands throughout the region.”

In the Piazza dei Signori of Padua, the main city of Veneto, before the lack of control of the young people and the worried protests of the oldest, groups of policemen came to vacate the traditional square of Padua and the streets of La Movida.

“It seems that they have forgotten the hundreds of deaths that we had in the city and thousands throughout the region”

Giorgo Gori

Mayor of Bergamo

Some youth resisted and one, 23 years old, charged two policemen with pushing and punching. He ended up in jail. But these incidents convey concern.

In Ferrara, the mayor of the city, Alan Fabri, made it compulsory for all citizens to move around with their chinstraps and not only in closed places as before. “This is not going well, we can not allow it,” he said.

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In the southern city of Foggia the party mood They exploded in half Italy to celebrate the end of the quarantine, assumed the unexpected profile of fireworks, under the pretext of celebrating the Virgen del Socorro in its day.

Next week, the health controls that are disseminated in the regions should show whether the millions of people who have left their homes in the reopening of Phase 2 and the overflows in many cities of the country after two months of quarantine, have been carriers of a dangerous increase of the virus crown infections.

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Regional Affairs Minister Francesco Foggia, who coordinates the action of the twenty regions on behalf of the government, said in the Chamber of Deputies: “We have won the first battle against the virus and restored security to Italy.” The minister announced that the R0 contagion rate had reached 3.5-4, has dropped to 0.5.

But Foggia pointed out that “a country that begins its journey again” can reopen everything on the condition that it does not have to reopen later “due to guilty failures that bring the contagions of the pandemic to dangerous levels.” “You have to gradually reopen and relight what has gone out. But wisely, without letting hurry win, always keeping control of the curves and sanitary indexes ”.

A man scans a QR code in a restaurant to see the menu on his phone in Rome. / Reuters

A man scans a QR code in a restaurant to see the menu on his phone in Rome. / Reuters

On Monday it is estimated that they should reopen around 800 thousand businesses throughout the country, considered medium risk, starting with bars, restaurants, hairdressers and shops of all kinds, except for foodstuffs that never closed.

But the absolute lack of foreign tourists, who come to tens of millions to Italy and represent one of the greatest sources of wealth for trade, plus a curious but controlled presence of Italians who continue to show their fears of a new pandemic outbreak, kept the levels at 45 to 80% reopens and activity, according to categories.

In the center of Rome, many Italians bought shoes, shirts, suits, objects and gadgets, in addition to visiting bars and restaurants. Business union sectors estimated that consumption remained at 65% in one of the richest commercial areas of the peninsula.

The data that is distributed daily at 6 pm local time (five hours less in Argentina), caused a slight chill because the increase in infections that had dropped a lot, reaching 451 in 24 hours, this Tuesday rose to 813 and the death toll rose from 99 to 162. These are not alarming data, but the weakening of the pandemic, which is ongoing, should be less slow.

Disinfecting gel at the entrance of a bar in Rome. / EFE

Disinfecting gel at the entrance of a bar in Rome. / EFE

Expecting 55 billion euros

The government is committed to ensuring that the mountain of 55 billion euros in payments of wages to the dependents whose income is taken over by the government, subsidies to small businesses, self-employed workers, the most impoverished sectors, domestic service employees and others.

The distribution of resources is important to return to the country its Reaction capacity with the economy that can lose this year up to 10% of the national wealth.

For the government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte came a victory of great importance with the agreement between Germany and France to support a European Union plan that puts in the hands of the 27 partners in difficulty due to the pandemic and the general economic crisis 500 billion euros that will soon rise to a trillion (million million) in a Recovery Fund.

Italy and Spain, which are the third and largest power in the Union, have formed a front with Germans and French, which put in a corner the most conservative and sovereign governments, opposed to subsidies and supporters of loans at very low rates.

But Italy will receive a one-hundred-billion-euro grant, which puts it on the path to a laborious but sure salvation, especially if the Franco-German axis pushes in favor of increasing the Recovery Fund, which would allow Italy another entry of one hundred billion euros that it should not return.

The President of the European Commission, the German Úrsula von Leyen will announce the characteristics of the Recovery Fund on Wednesday 27.

Rome, correspondent


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