Cruise: Donald Duck with tick, trick and track on the high seas

The Ducks on cruise

Dagobert is now trying as a cruise shipowner

Source: © 2019 Disney / Egmont Ehapa Media

GGreat things cast great shadows, even on the water, where there is so much light and freedom. The Ducks are on the boat in front of Entenhausen when a huge shadow comes over them. It is the cruise ship “Colossal” by Klaas Klever, competitor phantom billionaire of Uncle Dagobert.

The duck boat rocks through waves, the ducks get wet. So, if you like, you can see in the first picture that this is not just about vain pleasure, but also about shady sides. On top of that, in the colossal shadow of the ship, the water turns deep black, it will not leak any heavy oil from the “colossal”? Directly gloomy.

“The Ducks on Cruise” is the title of the current “Funny Paperback” (# 535), several stories are about passenger ships and cruise modalities. The ducks from Entenhausen have always gone where the readers are or would like to be, be it the lovely suburbs on the outskirts of the city with villas and gardens or distant lands where treasures and adventures lure.

Dagobert Duck has a cruise ship built

The cruise boom is not accidentally spilling into the “funny paperback”, the audience is sitting on the decks long ago. In addition, the series tries to connect with the zeitgeist; not always easy and effortless. That's why Dagobert continues to wear cylinders and leggings, but he also says quite naturally: “Why do you always have a cell phone handy?”

The most ornate capital of the world is talking to his shipyard on the phone and has the “MS Duck” build to challenge Klaas Klever to compete for the best cruise tour. Soon there are two cruise liners in Hamburg ready for the exit, from there it goes to the north.

The Ducks on cruise

Source: © 2019 Disney / Egmont Ehapa Media

Both ships have only three decks, so they are much smaller than today's cruise giants, which accommodate 6,000 or more people. The “MS Duck” is not reminiscent of the unforgettable “MS Germany”, was shot on the 1999-2015, the “dream ship”. A now distant era.

The “funny paperbacks” are indeed a German idea, but mostly the stories are written in Italy, drawn and adopted for the book series. Also in Europe, namely in Papenburg, Lower Saxony, two new Disney cruise ships are being built.

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50 years of “funny paperbacks”

The group, which includes the Ducks, owns a sizeable cruise fleet, the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy, and the Disney Magic. Most of the ships cruise in the Caribbean and, among other things, head for a company-owned island, which sounds a bit like Dagobert Duck. The tank crackers have no access there.

The villains in the game are nasty mutt

In Port of Hamburg, Reeder Dagobert proudly leads his nephew Donald and Tick, Trick and Track over the “MS Duck”. There are pools, a dog salon and a 9-hole golf course including driving range, which raises modest questions in the logistics of a rather small ship, but no matter.

The groomer, however, is a charming vulgarity. Because in the anthropomorphic cosmos Entenhausen there are of course no real people. The passengers and employees are either ducks or dogs. Captain Vito Bürger and chief stewardess Beate carry dog ​​licks in the face.

The Ducks on cruise

Source: © 2019 Disney / Egmont Ehapa Media

The villains in the game are nasty mutt anyway; disguised as dock workers, they want to sabotage the journey of the “MS Duck”. This is not so far-fetched: The “Disney Fantasy” was damaged in 2011, after unknown, supposedly workers, had opened the fire extinguishers and sewage taps.

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In the classic Donald stories of the legendary author and draftsman Carl Barks, unsympathetic characters were often not dogs, but pigs, fat, self-satisfied boars and sows, who proudly displayed themselves with money – real pig capitalism.

The pigs are missing on cruise now, however, several dogs have gone massively in the width, even fat geese can be seen. And since animals are allowed on board, there are plenty of real dogs being gassed.

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Parallels to cruises with the Disney fleet

Stations of the race are Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, Reykjavík; a dog lady from the European City Association notes the finesse of the on-board program and customer satisfaction. But everywhere goes something wrong, sometimes escape all dogs – the real ones on the leash -, sometimes it lacks of cocktail cherries, sometimes the pool foams with liquid soap.

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Tick, trick and track always save the situation by igniting the desire and the play instinct of the audience. The passengers run about delighted and shouting “At last you get something offered here!” And “I have not had such a good time in years.”

The Ducks on cruise

Source: © 2019 Disney / Egmont Ehapa Media

At Klaas Klever, everything works, people promptly complain about uneventfulness. Unfulfilled emptiness and stuffy dissatisfaction on board: The animals on the North Sea are quite human. It's a little bit as if they've read David Foster Wallace's great anti-cruise reportage “Terribly amusing – but in the future without me”, but forget the quintessence.

On board a duck cruise ship seems to prevail especially well-kept boredom. The infantile action turns tourists into happy children, who use foam to form a Chuk-Chuk train and drink happy blubber suckers. This is so well received that in the end no one wants to see the tarnished cities.

At a height of 45 meters through the glass slide

Aboard the cruise ship Disney Dream, there is one of the most spectacular water roller coasters, the Aqua Duck. At a height of 45 meters you roar through a glazed slide.

Interesting parallel: The Disney fleet advertises for their ships with “pure entertainment”, “edgy attractions” and the “unmistakable charm of the ocean”, in this order. One has to endure, however, that an oversized Mickey Mouse knocks on the back while eating or, worse, Goofy.

Mickey Mouse sleeps with Minnie in a bed

Mickey Mouse goes in the story “A Case on the High Seas” along with Minnie on board the “MS Luxuria” with more than 3000 passengers. They are in a (!) Cabin with only one (!) Bed accommodated, which allows conclusions, which were unthinkable in the past.

But before the reader begins to brood in gender matters, a criminal case begins on board. Bestselling author Ben Florett has lost a novel manuscript. The mice go in search of. They are recognizable as the youngest in their forays across the decks, they stroll there and feed in a grand manner between columns.

Walt Disney invents the cartoon

More than a hundred years have passed since Walt Disney was born, but his legacy will last. His first cartoon drawings were made in class at the art school.

Diversity is not far away. On the “Luxuria” are old and middle-aged white dogs among themselves. That Minnie and Micky have black bodies and heads does not matter. In the “Funny Paperback” blows the breeze of social progress, but not too much.

Once the stressed passengers a “crash course in power relaxation” is offered. Certainly there are also vegan menus for ducks, but Gustav Gans gets sorrel juice. Once Donald and Dagobert leave the table with big bellies, leaving behind fishbones and something that looks suspiciously like pig bones. What a duck-outlaw.

An indirect indication of environmental hazards

In the last story, “Witch on board”, the shipping company Nieshnarchos wants to sell the luxury cruiser “Seefee”, which is located in front of Naples, to Uncle Dagobert. On board is wrestled with the witch Gundel Gaukeley, in the end Dagobert takes over the ship.

From the chimney of the “seafeet” dark smoke rises, it is the same black that meets us in the very first picture. And that is remarkable, because here again, albeit indirectly, on the dangers to the environment by cruise ships alluded – Tourism Criticism on the pulse of the time.

It goes without saying that Uncle Dagobert proudly stands on the bow in the picture and says: “First of all, I will raise the price for the cruises!”2Pay the deposit, which is sure to be due soon.

Donald Duck with Dagobert, Tick, Trick and Track on cruise

The black smoke that gushes from the cruise ship can be interpreted as a subtle criticism of tourism

Source: © 2019 Disney / Egmont Ehapa Media

“The Ducks on Cruise” is available for 6.50 euros. The comic book collection is part of the series “Funny Paperback”, which is published every four weeks.

Source: © 2019 Disney / Egmont Ehapa Media

Environmental activists demonstrate against cruise tourism

The cruise industry is booming. In 2018, 2.26 million Germans went on holiday with one of the ocean liners. Climate protectors do not like that at all. Because the ships harm the environment. Therefore, activists demonstrated in Kiel against steamer and passengers.

Source: WORLD / Isabelle Bhuiyan

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