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In Germany, the spread of a new dental disease continues to increase. As the portal "merkur.de" reports, dentists can not yet determine the exact cause of the "gypsum teeth".

According to the report, more and more dentists are warning about so-called "chalk teeth" in children. The teeth gradually crumble, becoming yellowish-white, yellow-brown and extremely sensitive to heat, cold or chemical stimuli.

The surface of the tooth is also rough and rippled. "Gypsum teeth" are much more sensitive for caries too.

As the German dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery company explained the portal, the cause lies in a disturbance of enamel mineralization. This could be caused, for example, by problems during pregnancy, infectious diseases, antibiotics, varicella, dioxin and upper respiratory tract disorders.

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However, the exact cause continues to be unstable, writing medical associations.

According to the president of the German Society of pediatric dentistry, Norbert Krämer, on average about 10-15% of children suffer from this disease. Recent studies could even go from 12 years up to 30%.

Gypsum teeth should therefore be called a new widespread disease, Krämer.

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The disease, which is termed as incisive molar hypomineralization (MIH), was first described in 1987. Currently, the spread of the disease continues to increase. Therefore, the first tooth damage was also recorded in children not yet born in the eighth month of pregnancy.



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