Cruz Azul vs Santos (2-0): Start that excites the Guard1anes 2020

Both 20 years old, promises of Mexican soccer: Alexis Gutierrez and Misael Domínguez game minutes were earned in this beginning of the Guard1anes 2020 with Blue Cross in a double change to give the final sentence to the rival. Santos He witnessed the entry into the field of the two youths for later become a victim thanks to a collective move that gave La Machine a 2-0 victory.

Neither is a light-blue youth squad, but without a doubt the fans have them in the spotlight and the demand is Robert Dante Siboldi to give both of them more confidence on the ground. Today, the coach seems to listen, because even though his footballers had the advantage of one more man from minute 14 of the game, the domain was not clear. Until the moment of the change, at 67 ‘, the penalty goal of Jonathan Rodríguez had the locals 1-0.

The controversy appeared very early in the confrontation with a play between Hugo Rodríguez and the Head which warranted a hasty and late revision of the WHERE for what Fernando Hernández I decided to expel the Santista for a reckless entry to the Uruguayan.

It was until the final stretch of the first half, which lasted for seven more minutes, that Felix Torres committed a foul on Yoshimar Yotún and the central judge set the maximum penalty with the help of video arbitration. Without thinking, Rodriguez took the ball, shot and back Carlos Acevedo put on the hero cloak for a second because in his rejection he left the ball alive for the striker’s second shot.

The complement was complex, the rain did not diminish and the actions seemed stuck in the midfield. Despite the fact that they were more, the celestial ones could not dominate and there were few occasions when they demanded Acevedo, who in one of them again showed his ability by stopping a powerful shot from Orbelín Pineda.


So they appeared Alexis and Misael, entered the field by Yotun and Elías Hernández, they settled in and at 71 they commanded a play that started a bit run over, as the Lagunera defense got in the way of the ball, but Gutierrez recovered, began the race from the midfield in the company of his friend Misael. Misa received in the crescent, returned and Alexis defined to beat Acevedo with a cross shot for the celebration of 2-0.

Not everything could be honey on flakes, because Rodríguez was expelled in the agony of the duel leaving. Yes, Siboldi could have the debut of Ignacio Rivero to continue maintaining his offensive game, and even gave him access to Milton Caraglio by Rafael Baca to end the game and add their first three points at the beginning of the Guar1anes 2020.


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