Cryo Hypostasis Genshin Impact: Location and How to Beat It

On guide this time, we will briefly explain tips for dealing with one of the normal bosses of Genshin Impact, namely Cryo Hypostasis. Find a way to his hiding location, resource what you need, reward what you can get, as well as tips to beat it.

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Location of Cryo Hypostasis

To find the Cryo Hypostasis is quite easy. You just need to go to Dragonspire, an iceberg region in Mondstadt.

Follow the path to the west of the midpoint of the mountains. As long as you’ve opened teleport next to it, it will be easier and faster to get to where the boss is.

The resin you need

Different from weekly boss, to defeat Cryo Hypostasis and get the reward after the boss dies, you need 40 resins. Otherwise, the reward will not appear.


In Genshin Impact, all bosses usually drop items and artifacts during battle, be it weekly boss nor normal boss. The following are some items and artifacts that you can get from the fight against Cryo Hypostasis:

  • Shivada Jade Silver (material)
  • Shivada Jade Fragment (material)
  • Shivada Jade Chunk (material)
  • Shivada Jade Gemstone (material)
  • Crystalline Bloom (material)
  • Berseker Set (artifact)
  • The Exile Set (artifact)
  • Prayers to Springtime Set (artifact)
  • Gladiator’s Finale Set (artifact)
  • Wanderer’s Troupe Set (artifact)

How to beat Cryo Hypostasis

Here are some steps you need to follow when dealing with this boss:

1. Don’t use Cryo to attack

Using characters with Cryo elements when dealing with this one boss is very useless. Therefore, use characters with other elements, especially the Pyro element because it can trigger Elemental Reaction Melt.

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2. Understand Cryo’s attack types

Cryo Hypostasis Genshin Impact has four attack types. The first is Homing Icicles. With skills In this case, it can fly and shoot some ice at your character.

Second, Icy Spikes, a skill that creates a barrier of ice and shoots ice spikes from the ground.

Third, Frost Wheel. This skill changes the shape of Cryo into a wheel and moves in a straight line towards the character.

Lastly, Crystalline Skirt. When using this skill, Cryo will form a “skirt” of ice and shoot ice three times with an increasing diameter.

3. Know the Moment

There are two important moments you must know when dealing with Cryo Hypostasis. First, all of the arenas where you fight bosses are extremely cold, allowing your character to freeze when away from the source of the fire. There are heating poles around the arena that you can use to lower the character’s Sheer Cold Bar.

The second moment is when he uses his skill, don’t run too far because running too far from this boss will make it more difficult to beat. So, it’s best to stay in the middle range so you can give damage quickly when the boss skill is finished.

4. Prevent Cryo Hypostasis from taking orbs

In a depressed state, Cryo will form a defense and regenerate some of his blood by launching an attack from a large block of ice. In an instant, you have to destroy the ice blocks to cancel the regeneration process.

If successful, you will be able to defeat Cryo Hypostasis.

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5. Use characters with ranged attacks

Characters with ranged attacks are very useful. The reason is, Cryo will grow Frost Berries when HP is low enough and the character’s ranged attack function to push Frostfruits with attacks charged attack. Our recommendations are characters like Fischl and Amber.

Apart from Cryo Hypostasis, you can also read a guide to dealing with it Another Genshin Impact boss here.

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