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Crypto assets have grown in popularity in recent years to become an asset class mainstream. The interest is due to the performance of Bitcoin, an asset that is bouncing an average of 230 percent annually.

However, there are thousands of other crypto assets that have emerged. The following is a projection of the crypto market in 2022 and its growth.

First, Ethereum (ETH) is as recognizable as Bitcoin (BTC). ETH is the second largest crypto asset to outperform BTC in recent times.

ETH has the opportunity to overtake BTC if it continues to grow rapidly in 2022. This makes ETH an attractive option for investors looking to diversify their crypto portfolio.

Second, acceptance of crypto assets as a means of payment is becoming a trend. One of the arguments against crypto is that it is not accepted as a substitute for traditional money, and thus becomes useless.

However, in 2021 more and more businesses are accepting BTC as legal money. Moreover, in September last year, El Salvador became the first country to adopt BTC as a legal currency.

BitMex CEO Alexander Hoptner said five or more countries could overtake El Salvador in 2022 and make BTC legal money. This can boost the value of crypto as well as motivate other countries to do the same.

Third, China is the leader when it comes to central bank digital currencies. In order to combat the threat of crypto assets, many countries are starting to create their own digital money.

Through the management and control of digital money, countries can avoid the unregulated and decentralized nature of crypto assets.

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Fourth, as crypto becomes more and more mainstream, portfolios of individual and corporate investors are adding crypto assets on a regular basis.

A number of financial advisors are now recommending the allocation of a few percent crypto in an investment portfolio. Big companies like MicroStrategy are adding cryptocurrencies to their balance sheets.

The trend the more gaining momentum so that more institutional money will enter the crypto asset market in 2022.

Final, despite the increasing acceptance of crypto assets, thousands of cryptocurrencies competing for attention will lose and slowly disappear. This has been proven by cryptocurrencies in the past that had reached the top position but are currently unknown. []

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