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According to the CryptoCompare analytical service report, in November, the South Korean Bithumb surpassed the popular Bingybirge Binance in terms of trade volume.

In compiling the report, the experts analyzed data from 70 cryptocurrency trading platforms. In particular, it was discovered that the share of spot transactions on the total volume of trade is 75%, futures of 25%.

90% of the volume is generated on spot platforms where commercial commissions are provided. The 8% of the trading sites works according to the model of transfer of the mining model, which usually involves the issue of a token to pay commissions or prizes for the trading activity of traders. Only 2% of platforms offer trading without commissions.

One third of the exchanges support the spot trading of digital assets paired with legal currency. The remaining two thirds only support the trade in cryptic assets.

South Korea took the lead

The Korean won last month was the most popular fiat currency used in the Bitcoin business.

The KRW accounted for 46% of the volume of transactions with BTC. The share of USD – 33%, Japanese yen – 12%.

The average month of trade in the South Korean stock exchanges last month was $ 1.4 billion. Malta-based deals were worth $ 1.2 billion a day.

The South Korean criptobirge Bithumb came out on top of the daily trading volume, beating Binance.

The green shows the exchanges for which data are used in the aggregate price index Cryptocompare CCCAGG

In November, Bithumb's trading volume reached $ 1.24 billion, while at Binance the figure was $ 641 million and ZB – $ 560 million.

If we compare data on the stock exchanges of the CryptoCompare service with data from the equally popular CoinMarketCap service (Top 100 subsection for reported volume), then it turns out that at the moment Bithumb significantly exceeds Binance:

However, if you choose the Top 100 for adjusted volume, it results that Binance occupies a leading position and its main competitor is OKEx:

As for the decentralized exchanges, WavesDEX is a leader in this segment:

Previously, specialists from the Belarusian marketing agency BDCenter came to the conclusion that most of them are traders in the United States, Russia and China.

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