At this time, Crysis Remastered players on Xbox One X are stuck because they cannot play on their console due to severe game problems.

Crysis Remastered it is now available, finally, on all platforms. This remastering of Crysis, game released in 2007, includes technical improvements, new assets for graphic effects, ray-tracing by software, improved lighting and more. However, it seems that none of this has been of much use on Xbox One X.

We have already offered you our Crysis Remastered review on PS4, One and PC but, “can crysis move? “Well, at first it was thought so, but when many players have gone to test it on their Xbox One X they have found a fiasco with monumental characteristics: Crysis Remastered is literally unplayable on Xbox One X.

As you can see in the video, as soon as you start Crysis Remastered en Xbox One X the game throws a bug that makes it visually unplayable. This does not mean that it freezes, far from it, because although it seems to have a fps drop to 3-4, you can continue playing.

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But no matter how much you can, you don’t want to continue playing like this, since the image is visually distorted, boxes appear all over the screen and sometimes flood it, moving the game window to a top of the tv. With all these problemas de Crysis Remastered en Xbox One X, the players of the Microsoft console express their discomfort.

But everything has a solution, although it won’t be for now. Crytek You have identified the error that generates this graphical problem in Xbox One consoles and will release a patch to fix it; This patch is expected to take place, and be activated, starting in early next week.

Crysis Remastered with ray tracing on Xbox One X console has been seen in a new video

So for now, you’ll just have to wait.

Source: Forbes


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