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Crysis Remastered is now available on PC (Epic Games), PS4 and Xbox One

Crysis Remastered, the graphics-enhanced version of the Crysis Released by Crytek in 2007 for PC, it is now available at PlayStation 4, Xbox One y PC via the Epic Games Store at a price of 29,99 in all versions. The remastering has been done by Saber Interactive taking advantage of the latest version of CryEngine, Crytek’s graphics engine. At the end of the news you can find screenshots of the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

This is your version high quality textures, “improved gear, and much more,” according to Crytek’s press release. Among these improvements, the ray tracing or ray tracing on consoles, an untold technology in these machines, although it is only available in intergenerational machines: Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PC version also incorporates this ray tracing compatible with “a wide range of contemporary GPUs”, even if they are not RTX. In addition, it supports the ray tracing extension VKRay Vulkan the Nvidia GeForce. “Soon” will be added via a compatibility update. Nvidia DLSS for GeForce RTX graphics; This technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to dramatically improve game performance.

Free OST when you buy it from the Epic Games Store

Those who purchase the game from the Epic Games Store during the first three weeks after launch will receive the official soundtrack and a wallpaper exclusive. Likewise, PlayStation 4 users who purchase it in the same period will receive a theme of Crysis Remastered.

“Our goal was to upgrade the visual fidelity of a wide range of PCs and use all the technical capabilities of the current generation of consoles, delivering the great gameplay that Crysis became known for, “Steffen Halbig, project manager at Saber Interactive, says in a press release.” Naturally, we are excited to be able to invite players to experience this enhanced and remastered Crysis, with all the advantages of the current hardware and the advances of the CRYENGINE “.

Crysis Remastered is public in Nintendo Switch July 23; you can read the analysis so give esta here.



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