Technology Crysis Remastered trailer compares to original game

Crysis Remastered trailer compares to original game

Trailer Crysis Remastered compares to the original game

Expected for September 18 on PC and consoles, Crysis Remastered retains the ambitions of its ancestor, released in 2007. This is why Crytek unveils a new trailer today.

The latter shows the technical improvements made to the title, without forgetting to compare the 2020 rendering with that of 2007. We observe the new aspect of water, ray tracing, global illumination, rippling caustics (which manages the lighting through water), textures up to 8K, as well as improved particle and explosion effects. As a reminder, on PC, players will be able to discover Crysis Remastered with “Can It Run Crysis?” mode, an ultra-rated graphics settings mode, “that will push even the most powerful hardware to its limits”.

By MalloDelic, Journalist



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