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The company Valve has announced that the online shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become shareware on Steam, and now offers a real battle mode called the Danger Zone.

The owners of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive paid copy have been updated to the new Prime status and rewarded with a memorable loyalty signal. These users will play mainly among themselves.

The Danger Zone map looks great by Counter-Strike standards, but narrower than other real battles. In this mode, you can play teams of two or three and only 18 users participate in the game. Each of them is equipped with a small tablet that shows which areas have been covered by a red deadly fog, where you have already been and where the enemies will probably be. According to Valve, games in the Danger Zone should not take more than ten minutes.

As in the usual Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mode, for the killings you get money to acquire weapons. It is reset by your drone to your position. The delivery call not only gives the enemy a clear sign of where you are, but also places a marker on their map. All of this is aimed at pushing players to fight as quickly as possible.

Download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for free on the Steam game page. Moreover, in the same place it is possible to buy an update to the Prime status of 1020 rubles, which gives "Access to network content, including multiplayer gaming, official matchmaking, in-game inventory, titles, experience and other features".

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