Csaba Tóth, who resigned yesterday, may have been poor in the competition

Yesterday azt the socialist Csaba Tóth, to step back from the preselection, thus supported by Momentum Ákos Hadházy he was left alone in the race for candidacy. Opposition parties have backed out from behind Tóth in recent days, but there may have been another reason for him to step back before the official end of the fight: according to internal surveys and leaking constituency data, he may have been bad enough. this is how hvg.hu knows. So, after all, Tóth chose the lesser evil.

The paper heard from one of its socialist sources before Tóth resigned, but after the backwardness of the parties that had supported him until then, if he went to a miracle if Tóth could win after them.

The source of the paper is a local MSZP party member “and – who participates in the pre-election in Zugló – found that Hadházy received more votes than Tóth. Of course, the vote is secret, but constituency delegates often see, hear, who they are voting for, and there are even those who pull the x on the table, in front of their noses. ”

The high participation rate also drove the water to the Hadházy mill (Zugló has one of the highest participation rates in the country).

According to hvg.hu, as the pre-election approached, the scissors opened up in Hadházy’s favor, he was much more popular among voters than Tóth.


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