Csaplár’s Glossary: ​​Forty Degrees in Yerevan? If you want to play a band, you can’t solve this!

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“Of the three Czech clubs that played the cup preliminary rounds, only Plzeň won over Brest. But everyone should advance, their opponents are not from the top category. So also Sparta, which lost to Vienna in Vienna, and Slovácko, which lost a goal in Plovdiv. If not, I’ll be very surprised.

I followed Sparta, who led quickly, could add a second goal. But after the break, the card turned over. Why? Rapid took a big risk, he had nothing to lose. He played football up and down, spinning the wheels properly. I don’t think Sparta is used to such football. Which is a shame. In other words, he will not encounter much similar in the Czech league. Sparta has been criticized for pulling in the second half. The question is whether the opponent forced her to do so purposefully or not. I am more inclined to the second variant. Rapid simply played it quality.

Sparta captain Bořek Dočkal during the first duel with Rapid Vienna.


There is also a lot of talk about Pilsen’s retaliation with Brest, which will be played in Yerevan. In the sense that it should be very hot in Armenia, and if it can play a role. I have only one opinion on this: Do you want to play in a band? Do you want to be successful? Then you don’t solve this. You either give it or you don’t. If you don’t mind that there are forty degrees in Yerevan, get out of the cup and you’re calm.

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The cup atmosphere was first experienced by Slovácko, which had to switch to the league shortly after returning from Plovdiv, which is not used to. In addition, it played outside in Liberec. He managed it for three points, in addition, he finished in ten. It seemed like a compact team to me, in every way. And I don’t want to comment on the game Liberec.

Pilsen wins with an infirmary! Coach Jarolím knew how much work still awaited him after the earthquake

In the first round hit, Mladá Boleslav fell in Pilsen, but I think it will move up this season. Last year, in which she saved herself, will definitely not be repeated.

Slavia proceeded victoriously behind the defense, dealing with Zlín even without eight supports. It is speculated that Slavia cannot catch up with the season that her players, who were on the Euro, had a short vacation. I don’t see a problem with that. It was a coronavirus, it was played in front of empty stands, the boys must be excited that they can now play in front of the fans.

Nota bene, Slavia has such a wide staff that she can play with it differently. I don’t like to look for problems where they aren’t. “

Josef Csaplár (58) is a Czech football coach. In addition to his coaching career, he also works in football as a television commentator and expert. He popularized among fans and the media terms like “Csaplár’s trap”. His biggest coaching success is winning the championship title with Slovan Liberec, where he worked together with the experienced Ladislav Škorpil. During his coaching career, he also led Slavia, Plock, Poland, Žižkov, Příbram and, for example, Al Ittihad in the Emirates. He also worked for the national team under 17, his last league stand was working in Zlín.
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