CSAPLÁR’S GLOSSARY: Gentlemen, when you’re going to a meeting, go, for God’s sake, at least play!

Roman Kruchinin, ČTK / AP

“The national team played two qualifying matches in the last event. The first with Wales was much criticized. I will not be among the people who rate players. The reason is simple. When I was a club coach, I did not do any individual evaluation of players after such a match. Because if it doesn’t have a chassis, that is, commitment, passion, spark, energy, it doesn’t make sense.

One does not have to be an expert to predict what a match will look like. No matter what we say, we are in the barracks. That’s why the match looked the way it did on our side. Plus there were weird things. I come across a lot of apologies, a lot of those from Slavia players were discussed. What do I call it? No comment.

GLOSA: Good everyone Vacuum Cleaner! The Czechs will play the play. What well-being will he create in it?

I often mention in glossaries that, in my opinion, the most important element of success in football is the social level. I cannot forgive a remark about the match against Wales. How many people, patrons, children, pupils, parents were attracted to football? And how much did it poison? After all, it was ideal to go and deal with your opponent. Gentlemen, if you’re going to a meeting, for God’s sake, at least play. After all, you have a performance twice a week. Not every day, not every other day. Remember not only the sporting or economic success, but also the social one. The children have you on posters at home, they are going to see you. What will they take away when they see this?

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Nice balance. But I could have scored one more goal, says Schick

But before I can evaluate what has happened in Eden, I will look to the future. It’s spring 2022, we’re playing play, we’re moving on to the world championships. Everything is good, great, we are looking forward to the championship. Everything that was forgotten, we do football in the Czech Republic very well.

But I have one good news. If someone thinks that the match with Wales was a real picture of Czech football, it was not. Not really. Remember the pre-European Championship matches with Italy and Albania. We can play better. Which we finally confirmed against Belarus. The performance was better. Winning has its weight, not that it doesn’t.

The move with the deployment of Pavelka was already halfway to Šilhavý. But that’s because Vydra was injured, the coach admitted

In conclusion, I will briefly comment on the criticism of Tomáš Souček, which also comes from England. I often send messages, I give one to Tomáš: “Let people talk and go your own way. You know best where you are and where you should be. Remember how many people you were interested in, when you weren’t in the ramp light, you were so-called down. You had to climb up alone, you can handle it now. The biggest mistake you could make would be to start rummaging through it. “

Josef Csaplár (58) is a Czech football coach. In addition to his coaching career, he also works in football as a television commentator and expert. He popularized concepts such as “Csaplár’s trap” among fans and the media. His greatest coaching success is winning the championship with Slovan Liberec, where he worked together with the experienced Ladislav Škorpil. During his coaching career He also worked for the national team under 17, his last league stand was in Zlín.
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