Cubacel super promotion from August 8 to 13, 2022

From August 8 to 13, 2022, the International Recharge promotion offers Minutes and Data BONUSES. If you receive between 500 and 1,250 CUP recharges during this period, you will also earn 5 GB for all networks and 80 minutes for national and international calls.

What is the “Win additional bonuses of 5GB (all networks) + 80 minutes” promotion?

A/ This promotion consists in that each prepaid customer who receives from August 8 to 13 of this year an international recharge equal to or greater than 500.00 CUP and no more than 1,250.00 CUP, will receive additional bonuses of 5GB (all networks) + 80 minutes. These bonuses will be valid for 30 days, counted from the receipt of the recharge. The main balance remains valid for 330 days.

How long will the promotion Reward your recharge with 5GB (all networks) + 80 min be in force?

R/ It will be valid from August 8 to 13, 2022: from 00:01 hours on August 8, 2022 – Cuban time- until 23:59 hours on August 13, 2022 – Cuban time.

What is the amount to top up to get the bonus?

A/ The amount of the recharge must be the equivalent of the beneficiary receiving between 500.00 CUP and 1,250.00 CUP in Cuba for this offer to be valid. If the client receives an amount below 500.00 CUP or above 1250.00 CUP, he will not benefit from the promotion.

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It is important that the person who pays for this offer observes the conditions of the selected Distributor, we suggest that it be one of those that appear on our website.

If I have an active Data or Minutes (Min) bonus from previous promotions, does it accumulate with the bonus from this new promotion?

A/ Yes, if you have active DATA or Minutes (Min) bonuses from previous promotions, and purchase this new offer, they will be accumulated with the bonuses corresponding to this promotion and the expiration date will be 30 days from the recharge received.

If I have active Money and SMS bonuses from previous promotions, will the validity date be extended with this new promotion?

A/ If you have active Money or SMS Bonuses, the expiration date of these bonuses will NOT be extended.

Can I use the Minutes bonus to make international calls?

A/ Yes, the Minutes bonus can also be used for international calls.

Is the 5 GB bonus (all networks) only for international browsing?

A/ You can use it for national and international navigation and it is discounted for each megabyte (MB) used.

What is the discount priority on data usage?

R/ The priority of the discount for the DATA will be:

  • daily bag
  • courier bag
  • National Data Bonus
  • Bono de Datos (international LTE)
  • Data Bonds (international all networks)
  • Bonus money (according to current rate)
  • Combined plans (international- Datos LTE)
  • Combo Plans (International- Data All Networks)
  • LTE Data Packages
  • Packets from all networks
  • Consumption rate (according to current rate)
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The discount is made guaranteeing that there are no interruptions in the service.

If I have valid Voice Plans and LTE Data Packages with their corresponding bonuses and I receive an international recharge, is their expiration date extended?

R/If you have valid Voice Plans or LTE Packages with their corresponding bonuses, at the time of receiving the international recharge, these will be accepted at the expiration date of 30 days of the recharge (always counted from the receipt of the international recharge ) with an expiration time of 23:59 hours in Cuba.

If I have Combined Plans (national and/or international) in force and I receive an international top-up, what happens?

A/ If you have combined plans (national and/or international) in force, the data resources and minutes are accumulated and the validity is extended for 30 days from the receipt of the recharge. SMS resources will not be accumulated nor will their validity date be extended.

If I have current SMS Plans and I receive an international recharge, will the validity date be extended?

A/ No, if you have SMS plans and receive the recharge, these do not extend their validity.

If the resources of the bonus minutes run out, where is it deducted from if I make a call to any destination?

A/ If the resources of the bonus minutes of this promotion are exhausted, and if you had a balance bonus from previous promotions, the calls will be deducted from this bonus and then from the main balance, at the current rate established for international calls.

Can I transfer the bonuses for this recharge (3GB + 80 minutes) to another cell line?

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A/ The rebates cannot be transferred to another cell line, it is only for the consumption of the recharged line. You can only transfer from the main balance, if you wish.

How do I know that my bonus has run out?

R/ Through the query *222*266# or what is the same *222*BON# you can find out the status of your bonus, it shows the bonuses that you have in force. Through the query *222# you can keep track of the status of the resources you have active (main balance, data and validity of your line). Both consultations are free of charge for the client.

Will I receive an alert for the consumption of the bonuses?

R/ For the customer who has not used his voucher and the expiration date is approaching, an SMS will be sent announcing the proximity of the expiration of this offer. To receive this alert will depend on whether you are active and in a place

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