Health Cuban recounts her mother's experience in a US hospital...

Cuban recounts her mother’s experience in a US hospital and it goes viral

A Cuban woman recounted on social networks the experience of her mother, who had just arrived from the island in the United States, receiving care in a hospital in that country, where the old woman hid a pain in her chest so as not to “cause a gigantic expense” to her daughter.

The story went viral and accumulates several hundred reactions, shared times and comments, as it clearly reflects how the official discourse of the Cuban regime creates the idea in the people that the US health system is abandoning its fate and letting those who do not die. they have money to pay for it, among other concepts that are rooted in the imagination of those born in Cuba under the propaganda of the Communist Party.

Then, CiberCuba reproduces in full the text published on Facebook:

Within a few months of arriving in the US, my mother suffered a heart attack. In silence, in the solitude of her room, she endured the pain for a whole night. At dawn I found her sitting in her chair, panting and very weak. As I could, I got her in my car and drove quickly to the nearest hospital. Upon arrival, she was immediately taken to a room and stabilized.

The doctors and I found no explanation as to why my mother had decided to endure a whole night of pain in silence. Undoubtedly crucial hours had been lost; Come on, if we had taken a while longer to get to the hospital, God knows what would have happened. When all was calm, I asked my mother why she hadn’t alerted me since the night before that she was in pain. Her response was the one that generated this reflection.

With a worried face and tears in her eyes, my mother told me that in Cuba they had told her that hospitals in the US were extremely expensive, so it was better not to visit a hospital or you could end up losing everything. She had also heard that if a person got sick and had no money to pay for treatment, they would let her die.

In this way, the decision to remain silent in the face of chest pain was due to the fact that she did not want to cause a gigantic expense that, according to what she had been told in Cuba, could cause us to go to ruin. How could she be the cause of us losing our home and all of our assets to having to pay for her medical treatment?

The following week my mother had open heart surgery. Not to mention the medical care, the conditions of the hospital, the treatment of the nurses, assistants and all the staff in general, from phlebotomists to pantrists, cleaning personnel and technicians: everything was of the highest quality.

After three or four weeks, my mother was discharged from the hospital with a heart monitor that she had to wear 24 hours so that the doctors could continue to monitor her progress. The best thing about all this is that, please read well, my mother’s operation and all the necessary treatment did not cost me ONE PENT, NOT ONE PENT. My mother qualified for Emergency Medicaid, which is a type of Medicaid that paid for absolutely everything. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Medicaid is a health insurance provided by the government which covers medical expenses for people with low income.

Friends who read me from Cuba, the Cuban regime has been in charge of indoctrinating them, they have lied to them for more than 60 years about the world and especially the United States. No one in this country dies at the gates of a hospital, no one is denied medical treatment at the gates of a hospital because they do not have money to pay, in the US it is ILLEGAL to deny treatment to anyone who goes to the doors of a hospital and if this occurs, the person can sue and will surely be compensated properly.

In the US there is Medicaid, the health insurance I mentioned earlier, which covers children and adults over 65 years of age. Childbirth, my daughters’ visits, their vaccinations and their medicines have always been covered by Medicaid. In addition to that, those over 65, who have worked in the USA, have Medicare, which is another medical insurance that pays for consultations, medicines, hospitalizations, glasses, dentures and even transportation to and from consultations, activities, etc.

With regard to medicines, there are pharmacies like Walmart where many medicines cost 4 dollars; In other pharmacies such as Publix there are blood pressure tablets such as Amlodipine and Lisinopril, diabetes medications such as Metformin and antibiotics such as Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Sulfamethoxazole / Trimethoprim, Ciprofloxacin and Penicillin which are completely free.

Friends who read to me from Cuba, please, don’t be fooled anymore, I almost lost my mother because of that brutal indoctrination. Cuba is not the only country in the world where you can receive free medical care, in fact, Cuban medical care is neither free nor quality. Cuba IS NOT A MEDICAL POWER, as they call themselves, in Cuba every day people die for lack of equipment, reagents, ambulances, medicines, but, above all, due to the indolence of a regime for whom you are NOT WORTH NOTHING. Cuban medicine, that famous free medicine, is paid for with FREEDOM or with DEATH.



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