News Cuddle photo: Joshua Jackson shares first baby snapshot

Cuddle photo: Joshua Jackson shares first baby snapshot

Joshua Jackson (41) shares his family happiness online! Earlier this year, the actor and his wife Jodie Turner-Smith (33) surprised their fans with the good news that they were expecting their first child. About a month ago, the time had finally come: your little daughter saw the light of day. Just in time for Mother’s Day, the new father now published a first snapshot of the baby!

On the current one Instagram– Contribution of the “One Week” actor is not only a part of the baby’s head, but also the freshly baked mother Jodiewho holds the baby with protective hands on her chest. Dedicated to her Joshua touching words: “I want to thank you for being the light that you are. Thank you for making me a father!” The 41-year-old apparently enjoys spending time together as a family.

The little daughter seems to keep the couple busy on a daily basis. Not only the sleepless nights, but also the care of the baby especially demands a lot from Mama Jodie: In your Instagram-Story recently showed the model with an exhausted look and jokingly compared herself to a milk factory while breastfeeding her child.

Instagram / vancityjax

Jodie Turner-Smith with her daughter, May 2020
Joshua Jackson, actor

Getty Images

Joshua Jackson, actor
Jodie Turner-Smith, model

Getty Images

Jodie Turner-Smith, model

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