Culture gives another 24 million to the cinema to satisfy the Almodóvars and company

Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias They have reflected the harmony that the left always has with the national cinema with a substantial increase in subsidies to the sector for this 2020, in the midst of a pandemic and with the State accounts shivering.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts, has increased the direct aid granted to the film industry by 24 million euros. Almodovar, Safe, Trueba, Thigh, Amenábar and company in this year compared to the previous year.

With the last call that Culture has just published, corresponding to aid for the production of feature films about the project, in 2020 the manna that the Government sector will receive will amount to 70,592,000 euros, compared to 46,615,600 in 2029.

This is older than Decree law that the Coalition Executive approved last May with measures to support the cultural sector and of a tax nature, that of a broader nature since it included not only the film industry but also books, music, theater, television, video games … to mitigate its “fragility structural”.

The decree incorporated, among other measures, the extraordinary access of cultural workers registered in the general Social Security regime to unemployment benefit, given the intermittent work. And an injection of 20 million euros to the Reciprocal Guarantee Society CREA SGR, to facilitate the financing of SMEs in the cultural sector.

Although it was not without controversy, since it left out the sound, lighting, road managers… That is, the technical and auxiliary staff of the shows.

The film industry, always the “pretty girl”

The largest increase in aid to the film industry is in general aid for the production of feature films on the project, which last year was 35 million euros and this will be 40 million (the application submission period is open until next Monday). These can be used by Pedro Almodóvar, who begins filming Parallel mothers with Penelope Cruz.

Among the films that benefited from this grant in 2019 were Rosa’s wedding (Icíar Bollaín), They Shot the Piano Player (Fernando Trueba), The movie counter (Isabel Coixet), The Perfect Woman (Arantxa Echevarría), Father there is only one II (Santiago Segura) Y Garcia and Garcia (Ana Murugarren).

Santiago Segura and Loles León in the promotion of Father there is only one II.

This year has been created ex profeso an aid of 13,252,000 euros to defray the expenses in health security measures have had to make the owners of movie theaters.

The Ministry that directs Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribe It has also substantially increased the so-called selective aid for the production of feature films on a project, from 7,076,600 euros last year to 11,900,000 in this one, in total more than 4.8 million euros more.

Subsidies for the distribution of feature films and sets of short films, Spanish, community and Latin American, also grow by one million euros, which in 2020 will amount to 3.5 million euros.

Aid for the production of short films on the project rises from 600,000 to 700,000 euros. And those of short films made fall from 400,000 to 300,000 euros.

The aid for the participation of Spanish films in festivals remains the same, at 300,000 euros. And the only item that goes down (greater than that of short films made) are the subsidies for the organization of film festivals and competitions in Spain, since the coronavirus has forced to suspend several of them. Last year it was 739,000 euros; this will be 640,000. These days, the San Sebastián Film Festival is taking place.

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