Culture returns to Castrillón with cinema, theater and exhibitions at the Valey center

Culture returns to the council of Castrillón with the improvement of the epidemiological situation. The Ministry of Health lifted a few days ago the reinforcement measures that it had implemented in the municipality to stop the spread of Covid-19, so the cultural nucleus of the council, the Valey de Piedras Blancas center reopens its doors today with The Exhibition ‘Al Horru’ and already scheduled a cinema session for tomorrow and a theatrical performance for Friday.

The Valey center was closed about a month ago, due to the advance of the third wave of the pandemic, which forced the cancellation of all cultural events. Last Saturday, the Ministry of Health of the Principality decided to remove this measure in the council of Castrillón, achieving for five consecutive days a cumulative incidence figure for fourteen days less than 500, so that from today, the hotel and catering establishments Large shops can open, but cultural activity can also be resumed in the municipality.

For this reason, the Valey cultural center reopens its doors today, with an exhibition that it had planned to host throughout the month of February and that, given the circumstances, can be visited in Piedras Blancas until March 27. ‘Al horru’, brings together the works of 60 poets and 60 engraving artists who have come together to pay tribute to this characteristic element of Asturian rural architecture. This poetic trilogy has the works of 120 people, artists from the region but also from other parts of the country and even from other nationalities. The exhibition can be visited freely and free of charge until the established capacity is completed and in compliance with the anti-Covid protocol.

The cinema will also return to the Castro cultural center tomorrow. Framed within the programming of Laboral Cinemateca ambulante, the film Beginning will be screened at 7.30 pm. A drama directed by Georgian Dea Kulumbegashvili, which tells the story of a community of Jehovah’s Witnesses in a small town. In this case, the tickets will be priced at three euros and can be purchased at the center’s box office and through its website.

Finally, the center will once again host this Friday, at 6 pm, a new theatrical representation of the family genre, ‘Memories’, by Adrián Conde. The play is led by the character of Marcelino, who through his story will tell the public how memories work in the human brain, how they are stored, what they provoke in people and the importance of good management of emotions and the resilience. Tickets can also be purchased at the center or through its website, at a price of three euros.


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