“Cumbia of vaccination” emerges and causes a stir

The “Vaccination Cumbia” invites everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Photo: Cuartoscuro | Illustrative

With the intention of inviting get vaccinated against COVID-19, created the “Cumbia of vaccination”, which, inspired by the rhythm of The blue Angels, it could become one of the favorite songs of 2021.

The “Cumbia of vaccination” emerges as one more sample of the response of Mexicans to crises: if previously it went viral the “covisope”, a treat for these times of pandemic, now it is the turn of this cumbion in charge of the Chap group, which belongs to the Chaplin Show.

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What does the funny “Vaccination Cumbia” say?

Through a video on TikTok, the funny “Cumbia of vaccination” which says the following:

There’s the Johnson, the Sputnik, the Pfizer
Which hurts the most?
There is AstraZeneca and the Sinopharm,
Also the Modern to vaccinate
And so protected I can dance
I had never felt like this in my life,
vaccination, vaccination

The theme is based on the rhythm of the Los Ángeles Azules hit, “17 años”. The Chap group was in charge of modifying the lyrics that have already caused a sensation on the internet.

The comments with which the song has been applauded are:

  • “Put that song in the vaccination center”
  • “The best vaccination song. It doesn’t come out of my head “
  • “He just appears to me when I’m in line for the vaccine. Now I will enter dancing “
  • “My favorite song without a doubt”

Who is Grupo Chap, creator of the “Vaccination Cumbia”?

The Chap Artistic Group is part of the Chaplin Show, a site created to spread good humor, theater and all kinds of artistic expressions from a stage.

Chaplin Show brings together Bolivian talent, its name is inspired by the movie star Charles Chaplin, according to what it says on its website.

On August 28 they gave their first show “Viva la Amistad”, and since then their purpose is to cope with the adverse situation that Bolivia is experiencing.


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