Curiosity observes two solar eclipses on Mars


The end of March was full of emotions for ours vagabond Martian favorite, curiosity, who attended no less than two solar eclipses… and a half! The two moons from Mars, Deimos is Phobos, they really played troublemakers. The first has surpassed ours star at the Sol 2350, March 17th. It is the smaller of the two and looks so small that it should be more transit of eclipse, indicates the Nasa in a declaration.

Nine days later, at Sol 2359, March 26, is now Phobos venture in front of the sun We can talk about this timeannular eclipsebecause this moon, although larger than Deimos, cannot completely obscure the solar disk.

Both eclipses were captured by Curiosity's Mastcam camera. By observing a large number of solar eclipses it will be possible to measure more precisely theorbit of the Martian moons.

In Sol 2358, March 25, another instrument of curiosity, in this case its pair of cameras Cameras (Navcams), recorded a special "eclipse" because it occurred after sunset. As it passed between Mars and the Sun while it had already disappeared under the horizon, the Phobos moon briefly lowered the light of the setting sun.

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