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The command said the liquidated unit consisted of militants involved in the killing of civilians in Syria.

Ukraine: Russia’s loss of life force reaches 19,300

The loss of life force of Russian troops in Ukraine has reached about 19,500 soldiers by Monday morning, the Ukrainian Army General Staff reports.

Since the beginning of the invasion, the invaders have lost 725 tanks, 1,921 armored personnel carriers, 347 cannons, 111 multi-barrel jet launchers, 55 anti-aircraft artillery units, 1,387 cars, 154 aircraft, 137 helicopters, two ships and five high-speed boats, 76 tankers, 76 tankers, 76 tankers four tactical rocket launchers.

Ukraine crashes a Russian plane

Ukraine’s air defense crashed one Russian military plane last day, Ukrainian air force said on Monday.

Four helicopters, three drones and three cruise missiles were also hit, the statement said.

Latest data: Russian attack on Kramatorsk railway station kills 57 people

The number of people killed in the Russian missile strike at Kramatorsk railway station in the Donetsk region of Ukraine rose to 57 on Friday, Pavlo Kirilenko, the head of the Donetsk region administration, said on Sunday.

In turn, the number of identified injuries is 109, Kirilenko said on television.

52 deaths were previously reported.

Missiles fired by Russian troops have already been reported on Friday at Kramatorsk railway station, home to some 4,000 civilians waiting to be evacuated to safer areas of Ukraine.

Statement by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army on the situation on the front

Russian troops continue to regroup and are expected to try to resume the attack on Slobozhansk in the coming days, the Ukrainian army headquarters said on Monday.

The enemy continues to prepare for life force, armaments and military equipment to be sent to Ukraine.

To prevent Ukrainians from delivering cargo to combat areas, the Russians continue to bomb transport infrastructure.

The invaders continue the partial blockade of Kharkiv and fire certain parts of the city with artillery.

In the direction of the exit, the opponent performs air reconnaissance with unmanned aircraft. With the forces of two battalion tactical groups, the Russians tried to attack Dovgenke and Dmitrivka, but did not succeed and regained their previous positions.

In the direction of Donetsk, the invaders are making their main efforts to capture Rubyzhny, Nizhny Novgorod, Popasn and Novobahmutivka, as well as to gain full control of the besieged Mariupol.

The enemy tried to attack in the direction of Zolote, but was unsuccessful.

In total, in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the Ukrainian army repelled four enemy attacks per day, destroying five Russian tanks, eight other armored units, six cars and eight cannons.

In turn, the Ukrainian Air Force and anti-aircraft gunmen shot down four helicopters (MI-24 and KA-52), three unmanned aerial vehicles and three cruise missiles per day.

French gendarmes arrive in Ukraine to investigate war crimes

French gendarmes have arrived in Ukraine to help Ukraine investigate Russia’s war crimes in the Kiev region, Etienne de Ponsen, the French ambassador to Ukraine, said on Monday.

“We are proud to welcome a group of technical and scientific gendarmes in Lviv who came to help their Ukrainian counterparts investigate war crimes committed around Kiev. France is the first to provide such assistance,” the ambassador said.

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