Curry did not save from unexpected failure by organizing a personal three-point competition

The Golden State Warriors of San Francisco (19/4) suffered an unexpected failure at the National Basketball Association (NBA).

“Soldiers” in front of their spectators 107:112 (21:36, 37:31, 30:32, 19:13) landed on the San Antonio Spurs (8/13) team.

Spurs, who started the match much more solidly, lasted until the final siren with short breaks. Juan Toscano-Anderson narrowed the gap to three points 25 seconds before playing (107: 110), but Derrick White threw free throws and the Warriors didn’t recover.

“It simply came to our notice then. They erupted forward by three points and we just answered and achieved victory. “It’s not a good recipe for victory, but we just have to do what we do and be competitive every night,” White said after the match.

The hosts were not saved either by holding a personal three-point contest Stephen Curry – 37 minutes, 27 points (2/11 two-point, 5/17 three-point, 8/9 free throws), 8 rebounds and 3 interceptions, 5 assists, error and foul.

This is how the exclusive Warriors series came to an end – they had won double-digit differences in the last eleven home games, improving their own record.

„Spurs“: Derrick White 25, Dejounte Murray 23 (12 rebounds, 7 res., 3/7 three-point), Lonnie Walker 21 (2/6 three-point), Keldon Johnson 15 (7 points) , Dougas McDermottas 13.

„Warriors“: Stephen Curry 27 (Rev. 8, Rev. 5), Jordan Poole 15, Damion Lee 14 (Rev. 7), Juan Toscano-Anderson 13 (Rev. 7), Andrew Wiggins 11 , Draymond Green (8 sec., 9 res.) After 9.

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