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Original title: Curry talks about the psychological shadow of hand injury, Poole implies that Klay is not integrated enough

On January 15, Beijing time, the 2021-22 NBA regular season continued, and the Golden State Warriors played back-to-back away games against the Chicago Bulls. After the whole game, the Warriors beat the Bulls 138-96 to stop their 2-game losing streak, and their 138 points were also their highest points in a single game of the season.

In this campaign, Warriors rookie Jonathan Kuminga became the Warriors’ fighter to win. After the game, talking about his performance, Kuminga said, “I’m still learning and trying to correct every mistake.”

“I want to try to be a well-rounded player, to help everyone on the team get involved in the offense, and I also try to show my full skill set… The team wants to see me grow, I want to see me achieve Success and everyone on the team had a (positive) impact on my performance tonight.”

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said, “This was Cuminga’s best game as a whole (of the season), he showed his passing and defensive ability, he also hit a few three-pointers, He’s an explosive player.”

In this game, Klay Thompson rested, and the Warriors’ offense regained its fluidity. Jordan Poole responded to this question, saying, “I have to figure out how to play when Klay returns…I won’t Difficult to say, but it’s different. This shift is something we could have expected before.”

“Klay is a very good player. But he hasn’t played in more than two years, so he needs to get used to the way the team is playing now, because the lineup is very different from the Warriors he was. .”

In this game, Curry’s condition is still not good. He was suspected of having injured his right hand when he landed. After the game, Curry talked about this topic, “Yes, as long as my hands are on the ground, I will be worried. It hurts a lot, but I’ll be fine. I have a stress disorder after suffering a hand injury (a fractured palm bone in my left hand) two years ago.”

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“Next, I will continue to monitor the situation of the right hand, but has ruled out the possibility of serious injury.” Curry added.

On the Bulls side, LaVine, one of the core players, retired four minutes after the opening. But Bulls coach Billy Donovan believes that this should not be the reason for the big defeat, “We have to play harder, with the team’s current lineup, we have to work harder… Injuries can’t be used as an excuse for defeat. … the current squad is competitive enough.” (Poirot)Return to Sohu, see more


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