Customer money can be lost instantly, this is a fraudulent investment mode under the guise of a trading robot

Source: | Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Ever heard of the term trading robot? The term trading robot is increasingly being debated in line with the growing interest in public investment.

For your information, a trading robot refers to a trading platform for buying and selling assets such as currency or forex automatically, with the lure of convenience and benefits offered. Of course, that becomes an interesting thing for some people.

Well, if you have ever been offered an investment with a trading robot, you should increase your vigilance. The reason is, a number of trading robots are actually indicated as fraudulent practices or fraudulent investments. This is in line with the discovery of various irregularities in its operations.

According to Observer and Investment Practitioner Desmond Wir, he has investigated several trading robot platforms. The first oddity found was the high profit to loss ratio scored by the trading robot.

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A number of trading robots are said to have a profit ratio or so-called winning rate of almost 90 percent.

“There are even trading robots that have never lost since they appeared,” Desmond said to, Thursday (30/9/2021).

According to him, this doesn’t make sense, because experienced traders and even seasoned world investors have a much larger loss ratio.

“For example, George Soros is reported to only have an accuracy of around 30 percent – 50 percent in his trading,” said Desmond.

In addition, Desmond also highlighted the practice of trading robots that can only be operated by certain brokers. In fact, with the Expert Advisor (EA) system, trading robots should be used by other forex brokers.

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“The problem is that these brokers are not well regulated, namely registered in offshore countries that are not covered by law, and there are also brokers who are not regulated whatsoever,” he said.

“This is dangerous, because if a scam occurs, the money will be completely lost,” he added.

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