Customs, here’s how to avoid the obligatory passage

The world of e-Commerce is certainly one of the largest and also fruitful businesses on the internet, some entrepreneurs have really made a fortune thanks to it, for example Jeff Bezos tramite Amazon has invoiced billions of dollars, thanks to the possibility offered to buy goods from all over the world and receive them comfortably at home without too much effort.

Obviously, however, buying international goods, there is a small obligatory step from which we must pass, we are talking about the Customs, of the control points where some types of goods are stopped and subjected to some fine checks aimed at verifying that everything is in order, however, practices that have costs, which at the end of the whole tour must be paid directly by the buyer to the postman who will deliver the package to him.

Avoid paying customs

We assume that the items purchased with a value of less than 22 euros are not subject to customs charges, hence obviously it can be deduced that to avoid customs fees it is perhaps useful to make purchases with separate multiple transactions of a value of less than 22 euros, perhaps by placing agreement with the seller.

Another “trick“Applicable in the case of multiple purchases is to make separate orders for each item, so that the agency that takes charge of the whole does not put all the purchases in a single package by assigning to it a single sum value of the various rates to be to pay.

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Obviously all this will not guarantee you the absence of customs controls, which if deemed appropriate will still be carried out and will have to be paid, as in the case of too large parcels placed at too small prices or in the case of gift packs, all situations that can arouse suspected.

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