Cyril Hanouna vs. TF1: the four steps to understand everything about the conflict between them


A review of the four main phases that marked the now open conflict between Cyril Hanouna and the TF1 group.

"I fall from the clouds"Here's what Cyril Hanouna he confided in learning that TF1 had seized the CSA on an alleged defamation campaign of Karine Ferri and the TPMP transmission of private photos of the co-hosted dance with the stars. This "episode" marks a new stage in the media war between Cyril Hanouna and TF1, a conflict that takes up long transmission time without the viewers remembering the origins or the exact interest. To understand the roots of the "conflict", flashbacks.

1 / The beautiful agreement

In October 2012, at the launch of D8 – the future C8 – Cyril Hanouna it is "the" revelation promised by Ara Aprikian, then DG responsible for the activities of the Canal + group. Cyril Hanouna and his show Touche pas à mon poste is cute. The show, previously broadcast on France 4, is broadcast to the twin channel of Canal +. At the launch of D8, Ara Aprikian promises in the columns of Figaro that Cyril Hanouna is "the great star of the fun of tomorrow." Ara Aprikian it is also regularly inserted into the image of Cyril Hanouna especially during the events (invasion of the potache of the office ofAra Aprikian). The relations between the head of D8 and the host are therefore quite sunny Cyril Hanouna sing in the heart and live with his troops "Thanks boss!"addressed to Ara Aprikian.

2 / The weather is bad

Starting in 2013, Cyril Hanouna denounces the attitude of TF1 that refuses to let its animators on the set of TPMP. Allegations repeated many times even if officially denied by TF1. In February 2013, in an interview with Le Figaro, Cyril Hanouna explains as follows: "None of TF1 is allowed to come to our set: only Jean-Pierre Foucault went further. I hope it will change …"The honeymoon in between Cyril Hanouna is Ara Aprikian it will end in 2015. At the moment Vincent Bolloré, the main shareholder of Canal +, cleans the group leaders and fires, among others, Ara Aprikian in July 2015. Ara Aprikian he landed on TF1 a few months later, a channel for which he had previously worked between 1995 and 2005.

3 / The two "betrayals"

Upon his arrival on TF1, Ara Aprikian great maneuvers begin. At the end of spring 2016, you shoulder Arthur who secretly works on a concept of emission, the future and the very fleeting Hebdo show. A show whose job title, later revealed by TV Star, gives the temperature: behind the scenes, the future program ofArthur it is called "TPMP killer". Cyril Hanouna This is a great betrayal of his former protector and mentor. On CNews in June 2018, Cyril Hanouna returned to this "accident": "When you have a friend [Ara Aprikian] who is leaving the chain with which you are very good and who will make a program to kill you, you say that there is a problem!"The weekly show is a failure but Ara Aprikian has not given up on launching a direct competitor to the TPMP. Wanting to re-issue the salient moment of a host and a popular talk show in access, Ara Aprikian now forward Yann Barthès. Yann Barthès, then producer producer of the Petit Journal Canal +, rejected the project Vincent Bolloré to encrypt part of his show. Not only Yann Barthès and a good part of his team arrives on TMC, the twin channel of TF1 but, at the start of the 2016-2017 season, Ara Aprikian install Daily on TMC in front of TPMP. The thing is experienced as a new betrayal of Cyril Hanouna. While Daily is becoming increasingly fierce competition for TPMP, especially in September 2017-2018, Cyril Hanouna multiply the valves and then direct the attacks against Yann Barthès and his talk show. Sanguin, the head of the TPMP ends, in March 2018, to evoke on air, the fact that it "snubbed" Yann Barthès which denounces, in dirty terms, the alleged lack of courage.

4 / Climbing

A new stage is reached after the departure, in June 2018, of Camille Combal, TPMP star editorialist and very close collaborator of Cyril Hanouna. Camille Combal is recruited by Ara Aprikian and TF1 to animate the ninth season of Danse avec les étoiles, one of the TF1 public locomotives. On September 11, 2018, during the presentation to the DALS press, Camille Combal evokes a possible transition to TPMP: "In any case, I will be behind the decision of TF1. But if the channel says yes and Cyril wants to invite me, I will go with great pleasure."The day after, 12 September, Cyril Hanouna, ulcerated by the fact that his former accomplice can not come on his plate, insults the management of TF1. "Camille finds herself in shit because she is ripped […] It's a big bullshit and you're stupid! […] You are obsessed with the C8 because you were the head of the C8 and you were expelled. […] Stop making assholes. Xavier Gandon and Ara Aprikian, the two bosses of TF1, start to make fun of me!"TF1 announces to consider a legal action while C8 – the thing is exceptional – dissociates itself from the comments of its star and explains from its side that"the spirits were a little heated […] live on TPMP." Cyril Hanouna it's a sort of mea-culpa, but it does not excuse. TF1 then seized the CSA, the PAF gendarme. The reference on Karine Ferri it was therefore the second legal action of TF1 against TPMP and its moderator.

Slideshow directed by Sandric Vasseur.


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