Czech clubs are sixteenth in the UEFA coefficient, they are fighting with three countries for fifteen

All four countries have only one representative in the game. The Czechia is represented by Slavia, which defeated Fenerbahce Istanbul 3: 2 in the European Conference League for the second time on Thursday. On the contrary, Sparta lost to Partizan in Belgrade and lost.

Fifteen Greeks have Thessaloniki in the game PAOK, which, like Slavia, continues in the Conference League. Seventeen Croats can no longer threaten the Czechia, as their last remaining representative, Dinamo Zagreb, has already dropped out. Eighteenth Denmark loses only 0.225 points to domestic clubs and FC Copenhagen is in the conference in the Conference League.

Just another 0.075 points back is the nineteenth Turkey with Galatasaray Istanbul in the European League. The 21st Norway is currently 1.2 points short of the Czech Republic. In the case of promotion, the bonus point in this phase can only be awarded by a participant in the European League, ie Galatasaray.

Two points are awarded for a win, one for a draw. The profit in the ranking is divided by the number of representatives of the country in the cup season, in the Czech case five. Plzeň and Slovácko were eliminated in the qualification, Jablonec in the group of the European Conference League.

This season, the next year’s 2023/24 is up for grabs. The Czech teams did not reach the top 15 after last season and will have only four representatives in the cups next season. Three of them will go to UEFA league competitions, one from the home cup. Only the champion will play the Champions League qualification, the remaining three will face the Conference League, which has its premiere this season.

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